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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Tum Bin II

Tum Bin II
I give it a messed up 1.5 star
Rooona Dhoona Hasnaa in never ending Loop
The plot was quite good but poor narration and screenplay makes it a foolish film with completely no logic or sense,the first half is cool but the second half gets to the peaks of stupidity and puts the audience in extreme trauma and the film drags in a never ending loop. I dont recommend watching this in the cinemas
The screenplay is poorly written the first half is acceptable and goes right in flow with some charming emotional as well as sweet moments but the second half is a big let down and the film collapses in the worst way possible the climax is illogical and senseless it just finally puts u in regret mode for having choosen to watch this in the cinemas . The story is about a young couple they are deep in love and soon are to tie knots but on a trip the guy goes for skieng and goes missing he is presumed dead after he is not found for says together ,the girl leaves her life in his dreams and imagines him everywhere she almost looses the flavour and happiness of her life until she meets a family friend who teaches her how to smile how to be happy and as days pass by they fall in love and now that they r in love everything seems good but then her missing boyfriend makes an sudden entry and explains that he was in coma for 8 months and now that he is back . Now the second guy she has fallen in love leaves her m decides to move on but then the girl pleads and says she loves him and wishes to be with him and not her previous boyfriend . Things get right again but then no sooner he changes his behaviour n leaves her and decides to leave and at that very moment a suspense unfolds he was known to be a family friend but now suddenly the truth unfolds and ie this person who she meet after her bf going missing is the very own guy who was responsible for the accident that happened with her previous boyfriend and his entry to their family was with a motive to repent for the mishap that happened bcoz of him . Now how does she react ? Does she still love him ? Or what happenea next? Does she return back to her previous bf is the movie all about
The complete cast has done a mediocre job but Aditya the lead actor has been great ,Neha has been normal as she didnt have much to do other then crying every now and then and rest of the cast has done their part normally
I say its a skip in the cinemas i dont recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls as it has nothing to offer you . For more visit http://yoviews.com

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