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Friday, 11 November 2016

Rock on 2

Rock On 2
The Magic of Magik falls short to entertain you 2.5 ⭐⭐.5 Star ,A time pass watch
The basic theme of the movie being a musical drama fails for the very basic fact that the music is not so impressive and the plot is not fully invested on in the movie the first half is completely dragged and feels boring the 2nd half takes off in a much better way gripping back the audience ,it seems the first could have been completed chopped off because it has nothing to contribute to its story line or plot. Over all it can be called a timepass watch


The screenplay is pathetic at its first half delivering absolutely nothing but as it moves to its 2nd half the screenplay gets better and things worth narrating is being narrated the climax is power packed with the old rock on title track playing loud in full energy and enthusiasm. The story is about band magik which is currently scattered and the lead Farhan akhtar is living his life aloof in the thoughts of his past life and the mishap that he considers happened because of him . The story transits when farhan lands in mumbai back again and his face off with the past and how he and his key band players tackle this and then what is the purpose of their comeback why exactly does Magik return to return to music? What is the response? How does he come over his past and move on.. is the movie all


What can work out for this film despite its flaws is the solid perfomances starting with Farhan Akhtar who has done par justice to his role coming to Arjun Rampal and Purab kholi they have also done justice to their roles and finally shraddha kapoor has been normal with her perfomance .


i dont recommend watching this in the cinemas as it lacks a lot of things to call it a musical
Drama still if you have a lot of time you u can perhaps watch this as a timepass flick in the nearest cinemas .
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