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Monday, 12 September 2016

Mungaru Male 2

Mungaru Male 2
One time watch n predictable 3 Star Rating
Not upto its prequels standard should not have been released as mungaru franchise . The cinematography is amazing and shooting locations and locales are exotic to its par richness,VFX work is also impressive and a decent star cast but the story is nothing new its a predictable love story,the first half is not that great but the second half matches to its prequel and has a few heart melting moments to feel over . Over all its a one time watch if you watch it without any expectations comparing the first installment of mungaru


The screenplay is actually not well written the first half is dull and second half is quite interesting and takes on to be on track ,the dialogues are not that interesting as compared to the previous installment coming to the second half it has  a few hearth touching moments and the climax is typical. The story is about a son a famous business man he loves to flirt and timepass with girls and thats how he defines excitement as per his context and every relationship in his life lasts for not more than 4 days until he mets this gorgeous cute n bubbly girl nandini whom he falls for and his love for her gets stronger each day and his starts when he meets this girl during his trip to Rajasthan where they both act to be temporary bf and gf  post this trip he doesn't meet this girl as per their agreed mutual terms but then she misses her each day and finally his dad helps him get her address and thats when he starts his journey to the romantic location madikeri now the twist here is that this girl is getting married to a different guy now does he express his love ? Or he sacrifices his love as in part1 is what the movie is all about


The best perfomance according to be remains to be Ravichandrans he has been amazing in his role and coming to the actress she has seriously long loong way to go she has been totally convincing in her debut and then coming to Ganesh the first half was more of unconvincing and he seemed kind of funny in a few sequences where he tries to be cool but second hand i say he has done a great job .

Final verdict

This one has essence of mungaru franchise but not as much as expected i got with a one time watch tag for this movie .  

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