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Friday, 30 September 2016

M.S.Dhoni-The Untold Story

M.S.Dhoni-The Untold Story
In General public view its an INSPIRING ONE TIME WATCH 3 Star⭐⭐⭐
For MSD FANS its a feast 4.5 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
The entry sequence of MSD and the climax will leave you with GOOSE BUMPS GOOSE BUMPS & GOOSEBUMPS , and you will end up rattling Dhonii..Dhoniii..Dhonii for sure , the movie is backed with brilliant performance but what fails is a too much over stretched run time which makes the movie repetitive  hardly 70 MINUTES FOCUSES ON DHONIS LIFE REST IS ALL CLIPPINGS FROM MATCHES & Random stuff. Dhoni's inspiring journey, his upbringing is definetly a one time watch with your family , The first half is brilliant 2nd half is repetitive and the CLIMAX is Magnificent and you are sure to return with goosebumps . TAKE AN BOW @ SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT FOR HIS BEST PERFOMANCE TILL DATE he totally nailed it ,Its a neat movie recommended for family and for DHONI Fans no doubt its a extravagant film for them for the love of our captian.


The Screenplay is written without any limit being defined so for a reason making it tooo much over streched,only 1 hour out of the 3 hours focus on Dhonis life rest are few clippings and matches , the first half is great where we get to see dhonis upbringing and the way he evolves out to be an solid cricketer , the second half focuses on his after fame story and his personal life and how he handles shock after shock and the way he takes his team to the nxt level .The climax is powerful will surely get you high on emotions as INDIA wins the world cup under the captaincy of MSD after 28 Years and that gets you GOOSEBUMPS . Apart from this his personal life is too much digged into making it repititve and boring and rest of the time is spent on T20 match clippings and a few random stuff. But at parts it does have a lot of stuff to get you scream out loud for our captain in the cinemas . The story is about MS DHONI and his upbrining how he comes out from a small place and for the passion he owes he achieves his dreams and makes the country proud in this verge what are the challanges he faces what is his personal front?how does he tackle challanges of life? how does he handle fame  is the movie all about . For More walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT goes to the next level definetly with his par to extremely PAR brilliant performance his charisma and the way he has carried forward his character in the entire run time is a worth watch . Coming to the rest of the cast Kaira Advani who has played the lady love Sakshi has also been completely convincing and then Anupam Kher as father has also been super , Rajesh Sharma as coach was funny as well as cool and then follows the rest of the cast


NOT A MISS FOR MSD FANS ,for general public watch it if you can ignore the repetitive stuff  anyways for its story and theme its definetly a one time watch so walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend

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