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Monday, 26 September 2016


Average Movie 2.5 Star
The making and narration of the movie goes very dull specially at the first half which is slow paced and has nothing much to focus on except being repetitive, the 2nd half is watchable as the films takes on its plot and moves with a motive but then as every typical masala movie it ends typically , Acting and theme was great but fails as it has nothing new to deliver its an usual story backed to a theme which deserved more better story . I call it an average movie so if you love the ABCD sensation Dharmesh & the rockstar in the film Ritesh then walk in to the nearest cinema halls


The Screenplay as i said earlier is very very dull specially at the first half which is a complete drag show and seems monotonous at parts , Music has been average , udan chu will touch ur music nerves definetly and then coming to the 2nd half it has a plot to work for and transit and it goes on well but climax is again dissappoints as things change magically in seconds and we are left with no thoughts . The story is about BANJO palyers who are considered street artists and hardly have any respect they play this instrument for their daily bread and butter , here Ritesh has a band of banjo players who are actually a sensation locally , they r recognized by this crazy music lover who is based in other country she comes down to mumbai in search of these Banjo players as she has a dream to compose 2 songs for a music festival thats gonna happen soon , she faces a lot of challanges getting these banjo players and finally when she meets things go great but then Ritesh besides being a bajo player is a gangster as well who extorsts money , though after being famous he stops this but for his father like Ex Boss he agrees to extort money for the last time in his life and that decision turns out an disaster in his life , their band gets apart and their team is broken and so is the girls dream smashed , Finally how do these banko players tackle this , what is that disaster all about ? Do they reunite again ? For answers walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend


Ritesh Deshmuk as the Banjo Player has been great look wise as well as his amazing perfomance he has convinced the audience to the par, Coming to Dharmesh he has also been brillaint on screen with his act and then Nargis has also been normal and her accent has played well for her . Rest of the cast has done a great job

Final Verdict

Its an average movie nothing new or out of the box , i dont recommend watching this in the nearest cinema halls though if you are a fan of Ritesh you can watch it in the nearest cinema halls
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