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Friday, 12 August 2016


Story Doesn't Convince you completely, A half baked film.
The FIRST HALF is a bit low paced but  you will like the SECOND HALF and climax gets you curious and emotionally connected  for RUSTOM'S VERDICT. A movie with a patriot sentiment the plot could have been better as it doesn't serve it's basic motive at points the film seems being dragged but over all a one time watch and AKSHAY KUMAR as a Navy Officer excels to his best .

The screenplay could have been a bit better the movie could have better finished off in 2 hours then stretching it over a run time of 2hr 30 mins ,the first half is a bit slow paced but then post interval the movie Kicks off to be  full of humour curiosity and a sentiment for audience to connect on . The interval point is one if the best twist sequences in the movie 🎬  which stops at a point making u feel the movie should resume sooner . The climax is well presented it gets the audience feel for rustom and creates a kind of extreme curiosity regarding the verdict of his Case. The story im short is about a Navy Officer who one fine days from his return realizes that his wife is having an extra marital affair his relationship shatters and on the other end he just goes forward and kills the man who has affair with his wife and the Man happens to be rustoms friend post murdering him he surrenders himself and then this case takes off in the court rustom fights his own case without any lawyer on the other end the prosecution lawyer is hired by the victims sister esha Gupta and as the case goes over n over day by day we finally realize that   Rustom had a completely different reason for killing this man , the reason is not personal at all now what is the reason? How does he tackle the case? Is he proved not guilty or guilty ? And what happens to his personal life ? Is the movie all about so walk in to the cinemas n watch this movie for all ur answers


AKSHAY KUMAR as i always say when it comes to patriotic films no one can match him he has completely gotten in his role as a navy officer his attitude and mannerish is commendable ,coming to ILEANA she has been gorgeous n has done a normal job and then ESHA GUPTA has acted tremendously well in her role rest follows the ensemble cast


A watchable movie with a patriotic touch,though seems a bit stretched it's a worth watch for the theme it owns and finally it will.leave you satisfied over all . So walk in and watch this movie this weekend
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