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Friday, 19 August 2016


A Timepass entertainer 2.5 Star πŸŒŸπŸŒŸ .5
From the makers of Tanu Weds Manu Returns comes yet another comedy flick which gets you fair amount of laughs but fails to deliver on its plot as the plot goes as clear as a mess, but if you can overlook or compromise plot and watch it as a no brainer comedy then you will love this as a timepass watch . The first half is hilariously comic but 2 half goes average the climax again gets on track with moments to laugh out loud on and a touching end. Over all can be watched once for time pass ..will broom up ur weekend with laughter
The screenplay has flavour of Anand l rais writing and power punched with great comic punches backed by hilarious performance . The story is about a young girl Happy player by diana penty who escapes out from her house on the day if her marriage as she loves this young music lover played by Ali afzal but she is forced ti marry the village corporater played by jimmy shergil in the verge of escaping out she jumps on a truck which ultimately lands her to pakistan where she meets this man who is som of the ex governor played by Abhay doel . A whole lot of chaos follows after they find that she is a indian and now abhay doel plans to solve this chaos and midst this they come across a lot of challenges so finally does she get back to India , does her father accept her? And how is she sent back to India is the movie all about
Jimmy Shergill was the best among all delivering amazing performance n his comic time was just perfect , coming to diana penty she was cute as ever but couldn't get full justice to her punjabi kudi role but she was average .coming to abbhay doel he did a great job . The role of the police officer was hilarious and mostly the reasons for smiles on our face
if you are bot looking for a amazing plot or story and just looking for entertainer then go ahead and get ur dose of laughter this weekend in the nearest cinema halls . I call this a timepass watch .
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