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Monday, 8 August 2016

Budhia Singh Born to run

Budhia Singh Born to run
Its a niche Cinema 4 Star ★★★★
A Meaningful film with a motive
This movie is based on a real story a 5 year young boy named budhia who had a passion to run but midst off all the political drama looses over his passion ,this film ends on a positive note urging the audience to support Budhia Singh for lifting the ban on him and letting him participate in the Olympics this year . This film portrays how passion is all that matters nor age, nor physicality but then the challenges to be faced play as the most difficult hurdle for any sportsman, I recommend watch this cinema in the nearest cinema halls a sits worth your money and time and has a motive .


The screenplay at  the very begening seem sslow paced but then the films takes off portraying the undying spirit of this little boy budhia singh and his coach played by manoj bajpee,the film is rightly narrated starting from the very begeining till the end and it has a emotion factor to keep the audience connected with its characters.
The story is about this young boy who has the passion to run marathons, is talent is identified by his coach and thats when he starts training him and his training proves fruitful when this little boy at the age of 5 completes 48 marathons but then the child welfare society questions the cocah claiming that its the coach who wants to get instant fame and he is forcing this young boy to run but then when that angle is proved wrong this becomes a political issue and these politicians forcefully get a medical report proving that a small child at this age is not suppose to run and ban him from running marathons and issues a notice that anyone supporting this would be arrested and the small child is taken under custody of the sports comiteeand they sponsor his accomodation , but after this the childs passion and urge to run is suppressed by this politics , after a few days even this coach is murdered and the story behind his murder remains a mystery . The story ends on a note urging the audience to support this boy to live his dream .

Mayur who has played the role of budhia has done complete justice to his role with his acting coming to Manoj bajpee as you always know he is immensely talanted actor and he has lived up to the expectation as the coach , infact he is the one who drives the whole energy in the movie . Rest on part the complete cast has been simply awesome


Its a worth watch at cinemas , as i say this rarery i say this for this film support movies like this which are really meaningful and with a motive to mint profits at the Box office , This movie will inspire you , will take you on a emotional ride of life and the society. Its a double Yo! Gurantee . for More visit http://yoviews.com

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