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Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Flying Jatt

A Flying Jatt
My take 2 star
This ones strictly for kids if u have kids at home do take them to the cinemas, gnerally this movie wont appeal to adults in any way,the film starts off well and goes on with few fun sequences but then fails to hold the audience from the second half . Action sequences are mostly copied from a lot of previous films. And over all it comes out as a below average movie .There nothing much you will remember about this movie . The final message in movie is thought provoking but the climax again is a big mess.

Story & Screenplay

The screenplay goes flat and unevenly paced it starts off with few cheerful and humorous moments but then there is a lot of preaching going on in the second half which makes it loose to its genre ie a super hero flick. The climax is out if its heights where action sequences go on in the space where the super hero is seen jumping over geo satellites and then it would finally ends with a message to take away along.The story is about a young boy who leads a simple life but then suddenly one fine day when a business man played by kay kay menon approaches his mom and asks her to sell out the place they are staying at his mok disagrees then the business man sends this fearless strong man played by natal jones to destroy a holy tree which is near his house . And at this moment they both face off with each other and that day tiger shroff gets the power of the super hero from that tree and then he starts his jourrney of saving people and  in this verge he had a ultimate face off with this fearless strong man who is all set to destroy the city . What happens next ? How does he do it? What is the outcome? Is the movie all about


Tiger shroff has done hi best to convince the audience to be the youngest super hero coming to Jacquiline Fernandez she didnt have much to do but whatever scenes she is a part of she has been as usual and normal then coking to Kay kay menon as business man he has been amazing as always and then Natal Jones has done justice to his role and his looks have been designed v well

Final Verdict

I dont recommend watching this in the nearst cinema halls but if you have kids at your home do take them as they would surely love his movie
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