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Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Terrific,Power Packed & Adrenalin pumping 4 star🌟 🌟🌟🌟
An INSPIRING JOURNEY and a TOUCHING LOVE STORY, SALMAN KHANS  entry scene is the best of his in recent times πŸ˜‹ A film that has emotion,action,humour and full too entertainment to keep the audience Alive and engaged all throughout the runtime of 2Hr48mins. 2nd half is a bit of let down This movie connects to emotion of audience and everytime sultan falls the audience eagerly waits for his rise and that's the power of SULTAN . Over and all a worth watch at cinemas poora paisaa vasool
The screenplay goes amazingly crisp delivering one after one punching n powerful moments to celebrate , emotions ad pinch to sequences in the movie making it even more impactful. Background score plays a vital role to get in a lot of energy in the scenes and make it look massive.    The plot and narration though is  bit typical goes in perfect direction proving to be an overall entertainer focusing on emotion action punches and a inspiring message to take forward with you. The climax is typical happy ending wala but gets you high on emotion. The story is about a crazy young man sultan Ali khan who falls for this tough and powerful girl Aarfa but then his image and self respect is slammed im a argument where aarfa rejects him because he  is just a man with no motives . Sultan feels humiliated he takes up the chalange and works hard to become a tuff and undying wrestler and no sooner aarfa apologises and accepts him they marry each other and succes follows sultan he comes out to be world famous wrestler but then in this race of being world champion he faces a great loss on the personal front which shatters his life , aarfa leaves him and he leaves boxing and stays with a hope that some day aarfa would come back to him . Meanwhile after a few years he gets an opportunity to get back to his wrestling career but not the traditional boxing but a commercial kind of boxing he takes up training faces a lot of Critisim but then he doesn't give up he takes up the challenge and he he takes this up for a reason  and a new purpose that he has in his life .Now what is this purpose ?and what is that personal reason which shatters his personal life ? Does he get back aarfa? Does his love story end or continue ? And does he suceed in his new purpose of life and the commercial boxing ? For all this walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend
Salman Khan yet again after bhajrangi bhaijaan delivers a Amazing and brilliant perfomance as a wrestler ,his agression , dialogue delivery and that never dying attitude is commendable and for Salman fans its a treat as u also have the typical Salman moves and dance in this film and coming to ANUSHKA SHARMA she is charming and she will convince you with her character as she is seen totally into her character delivering a striking good performance 
Its a worth watch at cinemas poora paisa vasool movie I should say ,its a fictional story though the character is real but the incidents are fictionized and baked well with right ingredients to get you the best of it on the 70mm celluloid . Go for it this Eid as sultan will not disappoint you 

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