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Monday, 25 July 2016


Amazing and Solid  4 Star 🌟🌟🌟🌟
 Not a usual commercial masala movie to look for this one is definetly SPECIAL, CLASSIC and CINEMATIC in the way of its narrative, story and plot backed with superb performances . It will touch your heart and also focus on a strong point . It can be called a film with a motive and believe me it Doesn't deviate from the motive .it keeps you engaged ,keeps you curious till the end .
The screenplay is very well written with pinches of humour emotion perfectly blended along with the plot of the  movie no extra exaggeration, no unwanted masala the movie completely drives in its content and theme . Performances add beauty to the overall movie . Coming to the story the movie is a about a average aged common man who leads a mediocre life and is happy with his little son , his wife has eloped n he is single parenting his child in the midst of this happy small life he looses his 7 year old child in  mishap and the mishap happens to be a flyover being   collapsed and this little boy losses his life in this mishap this incident shatters irfan khans life he forgets his happy life and he decides to teach those corrupt people  a lesson and thats when he kidnaps Home Minsters son and he takes off on a invisible untraceable and mysterious ride of his game and his perfect plan gets him reach his motive . He exposes the  corrupt politicians who were responsible for that mishap live on media and gets them apologize and realize their mistake . But how does he do it? What is his strategy is the movie all about . The climax is amazing at a point it takes u on a roller coaster ride where they showcase something and then suddenly flips back to be different . For all this walk im to the nearest cinema halls
Irffan khan is the show stealer with his par amazing and brilliant acting all throughout the movie . He wins tour heart and at the end he delivers a strong message a real truth about our current society and politics . Jimmy shergil as a intense cop has also been impressive and convincing in his role . Rest follows the ensemble cast
If you are one among those who expect masala and commercial film this one wont be a worth watch for you but if you are really looking for something different something meaningful then this film has a strong purpose and theme .

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