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Friday, 29 July 2016


Strictly AVERAGE 2.5 Star 🌟 🌟.5
A completely unrealistic ride through of a story which has every masala element to attract you from powerful punches,One Liners,AKSHAY KUMARS amazing and hilarious CAMEO to JOHN AND VARUNS BROMANCE but finally down the line film looses its flavour in maintaining it's storyline as the focus goes on random sequences to get in humour or punches. For swagy style and few masala elements you can consider watching it in the cinemas if you can leave ur brains home  apart from that if you are looking for something meaningful and worthwhile this one's not your cup of tea


The screenplay could have been better as most scenes in the film just seems random and enforced purposefully to add in humour and punch  deviating from it's actual plot and things happen in a way too unrealistic way , but one thing is for sure that the makers have make sure you have your dose of laughter at parts to keep you alive and going .  Climax is power packed and also typical. The story is about a cricketer who goes missing 2 days before the final between India n Pakistan and now a special officer ie john is assigned this mission of finding him out the first half goes well but as the movie transits the plot and movie goes off track. Now this officer ie john  sets apart for his mission and Ghats where he meets this guy Varun who is a reckless cop with no respect in the department . Both go on this mission of finding the cricketer so do they succeed ? Who is the kidnapper ? Does he win in his game or he is caught n sent behind the bars is the movie all about

John Abraham and Varun dhawans BROMANCE has been super awesome , their swaggy style, and attitude has been great . Coming to Jacqueline Fernandez she didn't have much to do and same goes with nargis fakri . AKSHAY KUMARS cameo has has been hilarious and superb a sure shot treat for akki fans .


STRICTLY AVERAGE MASALA ENTERTAINER if you can take all the unrealistic sequences  compromised over humour walk in to the nearest cinema halls an watch this movie . It has punches ,it has masala and a colorful cast to hold the movie all throughout .

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