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Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2
Spine Chilling journey 3.5 Star
This Horror fick does NOT SCARE YOU as much as expected,VERY FEW horror sequences in the film to be called extremely scary for genre of such films. But the story ,plot,its transition and the way twists unwind and decoded makes it a WORTH WATCH, CINEMATOGRAPHY is to its PAR, Hats off to the director of photography for super awesome camera work. Even BACKGROUD score gets the best out of all the sequences in the film , Overall its a worth watch as it takes you on a spine chilling journey based on a real incident.


The screenplay goes edge to edge rightly transitioning and sailing theough all the twists , chills and a few scary sequences giving u a cinematic experience matched with great backgroud score . The story is about a house which is haunted by a inhuman ghost which confuses everyone with a different foreground image of itself over a aged man who is dead and who craves to see his family and has returned to his home in search of his family, the family staying in this house live their life as a nightmare as the spirit tends to trouble them , Now a series of people enter in to help this family and to try and communicate with this ghost but at a point they give up saying its a hoax call for ghosts . But then among these group there is a couple who feels the family really needs help  they decode the ghosts words and discover the actualy background inhuman ghost who is residing over with an image of an old man .Now how do they save the family? Do they suceed? How do they decode? and who is the actual ghost haunting that house? and what is the conclusion is the film all about


Its a worth watch at cinemas though  its not overall a scary film it has a lot to deliver the way the recordings of ghosts are decoded , the way movie is narrated and the cinematography makes it worth while. So no second thought walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this film this weekend

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