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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


My take 3.5 Star Rating
A film which keeps you curious at its peaks with an suspicious plot which sustains throughout and gracefully carried by wonderful supporting and lead cast, the first half is super intresting and keeps you completely gripped but then 2nd half is where glicthy editing gets it down the graph as it seems not in sync . But then overall a awesome crime thriller to watch out for, definetly wont dissappoint you .Consider watching this movie in the nearest cinema halls


The Screenplay goes hand in hand mantaining suspense to its core till the interval but then in the second half a few flaws get the narration off track and bad editing adds to it making it a bit more flawed, but then at the end the film grips well and definetly dosent leave you disappointed it does justice to the genre it belongs to ie CRIME THRILLER .The story is about a elderly man who has lost his young sweet and cute daughter angela in the verge of a kidnap turned murder and he is on his way to find the murderer , but nothing works out on his father even the cop who was helping him transforms as a priest @ church , then one fine day a similar kind of kidnap happens the same series of events take place which now hints the cops that it might be the same person who has repeated his crime now after 8 years . SO how does the police crack this ? do they suceed in finding out this mysterious kidnapper ?? Does angela get her part of justice?? for all this walkin to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend.


Amitabh Bacchan carries himself effrotlessly to be totally convincing all throughout , it can be counted among  one of his most finest perfomances he just wins your heart . Hats off to Bacchan saab . Coming to Nawazudin as a cop and priest he is as natural and raw as possible he has also done par justice to his role  , then coming to vidya balan in her extended cameo she has been normal and then follows the ensemble cast


Its a recommended watch , a decent thriller to go for this weekend. Starting from the perfomances plot and narration this movie has something to keep you gripped and engaged , so walkin and watch it in the nearest cinema halls

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