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Thursday, 30 June 2016


Old Wine in a new Bottle 2 Star
Ideal watch for couples as its love & love all over
Remember those streotype movies where a boy & a girl madly fall in LOVE But then the girls family rejects the guy and then the whole mellow drama and then makes an entry is the guy who is supposed to marry the broken hearted girl but then he senses something fishy and he realizes that she loves some one else and by the end of the film the parted Lovers get together and the typical happy ending where even the family accepts . Not a worth watch @ Cinemas

Story & Screenplay

The screenplay dosent keep the audience that engaged and songs pop up every now & then without any reason which is a bit dissppointing and then the story & plot goes flat as usual streo type movies with a plain predictable plot and a lot of mellow dramatic moments , it takes you on a complete emotional tour and finally ends with a happy note like every other love story . The story is simple going its about a army officer played by pulkit and a young college going girl played by yami gautam , she happens to meet this army officer accidentally during a camp and that when they fall for each other but dont not express then after a few days they happen to meet each other express their feelings and there starts their love story no sooneryamis family gets to know about this , but her dad rejects this relation for the fact that 2 of his brothers and 1 son have lost their life battling for the country , though its a proud thing for him but he feels scared for his daughter that she will loose her husband as the guy she is in love is a army officer , the drama further continues her dads at a point accepts but with a condition that pulkit has to quit army and join him for family business and when yami approaches pulkit with this condition he asks her to instead leave her family and come to him and thats when she decides to forget pulkit but days pass , months pass she senses pulkit everywhere and then finally she decides to return to him but then when she reaches his place she dicsovers that pulkit is getting engaged to a different girl she returns back silently heart broken and agrees to marry a boy her family has chosen , and some how beacuse of a incident pulkit happens to come for yamis wedding and there he acts to be an stranger but soon he realizes she isint happy so he approches her and asks her not to marry th guy she is not happy with but yami calls him a fraud , on the other end even the guy who is to marry yami realzies that she loves some other guy . What happens next is what the movie is all about


Pulkit Samrat has been convicing in his serious role as a army officer and even yami has been gorgeously carrying her self but acting wise she is just average but the chemistry between the both has worked out amazingly .


Its not a worth watch at cinemas , but if u still wanna experience a typical love story which is predictable you can watch for this film and one more reason you can consider to watch this movie is pulkit and yamis chemistry .

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