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Sunday, 19 June 2016


An inspiring and unique journey my rating 4 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟
A delightful cinema which makes you believe miracles do happen if u believe.. its a  kind of cinema which entertains you,inspires you and takes you an a curious journey of life and teaches you to never give up on your dreams for there is always someone who will recognize you and reward you for all the hard work.

The screenplay is very beautifully crafted part by part with amazing and interesting characters which drive on a great script which holds you till the end with complete interest And the film dosent dissappoint you it makes you believe miracles do happen . At every point in the story we have hilarious characters which genunuely make you laugh specially the man with a truck staring who navigates them to the right place 😄 The American guy who sings Hindi songs finally and many others follow which get u laugh out loud and keep u entertained . The story is about 2 little kids one a young blind boy who happens to be a Salman khan fan and his elder sister who is a Shahrukh khan fan . The elder sister has promised herself that she will get her brother see and be normal within his 9th birthday 🎂. But then she feels things r not going as per her expectations and no1 is actually seen supporting her so she takes on a step of leaving her home and start her journey to meet her favorite star shahrukh khan And ask for help for her brothers operation but her journey doesn't seem easy she faces extreme hurdles but still goes on handles her bro throughout the journey she responsibly faces  every problem and protects her bro and then her hard work gets them reach the shooting spot where SRK is shooting but to her bad luck on that day the shooting gets cancelled and she is told that SRK is shooting at a different place now they again set up to start their journey to that place again by walk .. What happens next? Does their journey come out to be successful? Does SRK help her brother ? Is the movie all about
Krish chabria who has played the role of a blind kid I should say he deserves a standing ovation for his performance hats off he has been too good with his role as chotu then coming to the girl who has played pari ie hetal gadda she has also done a commendable job and to the par excellence and moving on to the rest of the cast all the characters are completely amazing
Though a small budget film it has a big heart a double Yo! Gurantee its a gem of Bollywood so not miss this film support movies like this to mint higher profits at box office as this one deserves to be a called a superhit film .

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