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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


A Super Solid Thriller 4 Star Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟
A engaging Film that is beautifully crafted over a runtime of 2Hr2Mins with no Songs,No Masala,no unwanted stuff just drives on its content to get you the best of cinematic experience of a awesome thriller edge to edge getting you curiously to the edge of your seat . Definetly another FANTASTIC THRILLER OF KANNADA FILM INDUSTRY. Hats off to the director for bringing out this unqiue concept which has a message for all of us specially the impatient commuters who break traffic rules for their temporary need. The director,screeplay writer,producer is the one man army PAWAN KUMAR Hats off for such an amazing concept

Screenplay is very engaging the one best reason to prove this is this film has no songs but still you will never feel a bit bored in any frame it keeps you curiosuly engaged all throughout the runtime, Second half could have been more better as fictious things take a edge over the plot which could have been avoided or diverted in a different way but then its avoidable as overall viewing experience is to its best. The story is about a young aspiring reporter who decides to write an article on accidents happening at an famous flyover so called Double road flyover,She starts her research at this place and finds that the divider stones are being pushed aside by the bike commuters to avoid long U turn and easily have an immediate turn to the either side of the road, she pays an old man at the junction to monitor the bike numbers of these kind of people who push the stones aside and she plans to interview them which could help her article with few facts and then she visits one of the person in the list to interview but that person is not avaliable at his home then suddenly the same evening the cops arrest her and she is left clueless so as whats the reason behind her arrest and then she discovers that the person she had visited was found dead in his flat , so now she is the prime suspect for the cops the cops question her but she explains that she was just there on her research for the article , SO for verification the cops collect all the details of the vehicle numbers she had collected who have pushed these divider stones and on further investigation the cops discover that every perosn in the list who have violated this rule had commited sucide , now the case takes an turn and gets the audience curious , they try to find out what could be the reaosn and is it murder or really sucide meanwhile the cops close the case saying its sucide but then the same thing follows over and again whoever pushes aside those divider stones dies the very same day so this reporter takes up this case to find out why is this happening she goes to the dept of the happening but dosent discover anything and then finally she decides to violate the rule herself to know the truth and then what she gets to know is horryfing ? SO what is that all about?? DOes she find the mystery behind all this?? and whats the outcome ? Are all the questions that will be answered when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls


Shraddha Srinath is the center character of the film who has played the journalist and she has got the best of her character with her convicning acting skills and experssions , coming to Dilip Raj and Radhika chetan they also have been impressive .The role of police inspector is also very well played and comes out to be a prime one alongside rachana.


Its a recommended watch at cinemas , gets you to the edge of your seat out of curosity chill and thrill. POORA PAISA VASOOL MOVIE . Its another proud thriller of KFI . Get going with no doubts and watch this engaging plot and story . For more Viist http://yoviews.com

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