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Friday, 6 May 2016


I give it a thrilling yet not impactful 2.5 Star
No energy and spark to drive this as a powerful thriller
This movie is a remake of 2011 malyalam film TRAFFIC directed by the director Late Rajesh Pillai . The film has a engaging 1st half but looses to create impact in the second half because of not much thrill and just plain and simple transition which gets it to be way too predictable . Its a simple story in respect of the unsung hero's of the mission in transporting a heart in 150 mins facing every possible challange .


The Screenplay is simple going and portrayed with ease in a way very clear to the audience, but at few points things seem to be repetitive and the plot goes predictable because most of the twists dont seem to work out any impact in the movie . The story is about an accident in which a guy suffers major head injury and his parents are aware of his state to be v critical and that he is going to die very soon xactly during this time there is a girl at pune who is suffering from a major disease and needs a heart transplant , initially the girls mother pleads to this boys father for donating the organ but that seems very difficult for the boys parents but then when they feel that there is no hope of their son to be alive they decide to donate the organ and then a mission is taken up to transport this from mumbai to pune and it has to  be done within 156 Minutes , the traffic police commisioner dosent leave any rock turned to get this mission come live into action within a few minutes everything goes perfect but then suddenly the traffic incharge manoj bajpe who is leading this mission driving the jeep goes offline and his jeep goes invisibe and thats the turning point the movie ,then how does he come out of danger ? or what gest the jeep invisible ?? and how do they face all the challanges ? and does the mission of transporting the heart suceed? Are all the questions which will be answered when u watch this movie this weekend


This is not a one star centric movie this revolves around a complete cast and the director has given space to every character and his story till the end of the film , starting with MANOJ BAJPEE he has been so natural with his role as the traffic incharge on duty , divya dutta and every one the whole cast has been simply great .


Its a different kind of story though a simple one it honours the unsung heros of a mission which happened in reality . Its a plain story and not very much impactful you can watch it for one time . NOT BAD . AVERAGE MOVIE

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