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Friday, 20 May 2016


To much Mellowdramatic 2.5 Star 🌟 🌟5
One needs great PATIENCE to match with the pace of the film. Performances are the prime saving grace.The Movie could be cinematic if it was edited well but unfortunately dragged to the threshold possible,If you are used to watching slow paced movies you will love this else you are going to be in trauma watching this extra exagarrated and over dragged emotional flick . Drama is to the core but what stands out or what takes an edge over are the performances specially Randeep Hooda he wins stars for the film.


The screenplay is too much over streched making it difficult for audience to resist so long and eventually the audience looses track after a series of over dosed drama and never ending narrative . Editing has miserably failed the film should have been almost trimmed to 40% of its runtime to make it a worth watch . The story is about a common man Sarabjit who is a farmer and lives a simple happy life with his sweet family but what goes bad is when he accidentally crosses the border and enters Pakistan when he is drunk and then he is declared as a terrorist and forcefully jailed and harrased to the core , soon after few days of his missing his sister and his wife who are in search of him get to know that he is jailed at Pakistan and declared as terrorist and that he is to be hung to death . That's when his sister takes up an oath to prove her brother innocent and get him back to India and his wife and children support her . But then a series of protests , candle march happen but then he never gets released his sister and wife face a lot of challenges to meet him in the jail and fight his case and finally when he is to be released some series of things happen at India which turn out bad for sarabjit , Now what are those series of bad things ? Does he return back to India and leave a happy life with his family ? Or does he loose his life ? Does his sister win the fight ? Are all the questions which will be answered when u watch the film at nearest cinema halls


Take a Bow hats off to Randeep hooda for working sooo hard for his character I should say performances take an edge over the script of the film and randeep has been flawless and wins your heart and respect . Coming to aishwarya even she has been impressive with her acting but failed with her accent . Rest on part the ensemble cast has done a good job


I do not recommend watching this film at theatres but if you are really patient enough to go with a v v slow paced film then go.for it you will get the flow right but if you are among the above u are sure to have a sound sleep in the cinemas . Performances are one reason I should say if you are finding reasons to watch the movie

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