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Friday, 27 May 2016


Towards Social Awarness my take 3 Star πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ
A One Time Watch
Film takes you an a Scary and curious ride getting you experience a persons face off with her Phobia,the movie drives around delivering a social message and focusing on our society,their behaviour on women and how it can efffect an indivisual to a level of phobic chills.Cinematography is great but narration is flawed because few questions remain un answered even after the end of the movie. Top Notch remains to be acting which adds to the films grace and matching up to its genre . This movie may not be @ an ease to normal audience for understanding its a film crafted for multiplex audience .


The screenplay could have been better as narration is flawed at points and may seem misleading to the audience, this is a film crafted for multiplex audience and does not come as a easy going story for normal audience to analyse or catch up. The story is about a young girl who after a party back home experiences something unusual and traumatic when her cab driver tries to molest her , this incident leaves her shocked and she develops a strange kind of anxiety disorder named agoraphobia where she feels scared to go out and even meet a new person she likes to be in solitude , she never steps out of her house even after multiple tries she dosent seem to be comfortable to even meet a new person , Soon her best friend helps her to over come this phobia but nothing works out then she is shifted to a new house and now it gets even more scary , she starts feeling unsafe even inside the house , she imagines things , multiple things happen infront of her which scare her and she gets into extreme trauma . After a series of these happenings we realise that she owns an unique power a power of predicting future the things that she sees infront of her out of no where comes out to be reality but the makers have not answered why and how?? FOr rest of the questions like does she overcome her phobia or it takes away her life ? will be answered when you watch this film at the nearest cinema halls


Radika Apte adds more beauty to the genre with her convinving acting she has got her character right and has made sure every bit and frame comes out beautifully and as per the situations.  Rest of the case have been impressive but the main focus goes with radika


Its a one time watch , a film for multiplex audience it has a strong message to focus on for our society , loved the climax scene where radika confronts back and explains how a man with bad motive creates trauma for a women and then the same man calls her phobic but its actually that man with a bad motive who should be called insane/mentally challanged.

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