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Friday, 13 May 2016


Its a aWorth Watch @ Cinemas 3.5 Star
The attempt  to glorify Mohd Azarudin comes out earnestly and is flawlessly delivered from the start to end with crisp narration ,beautiful screenplay and edge to edge superb editing. The film has everything to keep you tangled the emotion,humour,punching dialouges as well as a story which is fictionalized based on a real incident . Its definitely a film to watch for this weekend as it has everything in balance .


The screenplay goes crisp smooth with perfect narration from the start of its runtime to its end , there is no part in the film where u feel its been draged or extra exgarrated everything is in balance and you get to experience a combo of fun humour as well as emotion . Coming to the story its about a young boy from HYDERABAD who from his childhood aspires to to a cricketer because of his grandfathers encouragement and support , he achieves it all with his hard work and gets selected for the indian cricket team at his every young age he becomes the captain of Indian cricket team and takes the team at heights of success , but then one fine day he is being found guilty of match fixing and he is banned from indian cricket , number of people justify and comment against , no one supports him at his hard time  ,on the personal front he is married to Prachi desai on his parents choice but then after a few years he falls in love with a actress who happens to be his second wife .Now that a match fixing case is running against him he files a case and his best friend who is a lawyer helps me out , and on the other side is lara dutta who is fighting against him. Finally what happens does he get justice or he is proved guilty are all the answered that will be answered when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls


Emraan Hashmi has done his role to his best and his earnest character gets more weightage to the film, he has been totally convicing with his character and coming to his kissing legacy it continues to be even in this movie , coming to prachi desai in the role of his wife has done a impressive job , nargis fakri didnt have much to do and then coming to LARA dutta she has been flawless and has done par justice to her role .


Its a worth watch at theatres , its definetly not a mass movie with a lot of over drama or overdosed action its a simple and neat film which has a superb script and a emotion within its narration which keeps the audience engaged throughout . Watch this movie for a neat family entertainer this weekend

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