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Thursday, 28 April 2016


I Give it a Disastrous 0.5 Star
It will Surely makes it to the Top 2 Worst Films of the year
Starting from the story to acting this film dosent even make up to be a no brainer comedy , it goes out of the stupid par to be senseless,punch-less and completely unconvincing screenplay which dosent even have a single bit which will convince you . Complete waste of screen space and more over extreme under utilization of a immensly talanted actor Boman irani which leaves the auidence clueless of why he signed such a film .TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT


The Screenplay goes loud all throughout in parts making absolutely no sense nor makes u laugh , the jokes seem obsolete or kind of old comic book jokes which seem silly , dialogues are pathetic, plot is out of no where linked with santa banta and ends somwhere getting the audience dissappointed,The story is about santeshwar singh and banteshwar singh played by Vir das and boman irani in short santa and banta , most of the time they are seem involved in silly conversations , silly jokes and everything that is postfixed with silly and amidst this they happen to meet a spy agent who appoints them as Duplicate secret agents for a case to be investigated at FIJI where the collector is gone missing , they goto fiji and bump on to series of people and again a lot of silly sequences and arguments with everyone they meet , everyone in fiji considers them to be real secret agents and then how they solve this case out of no where or by chance is what the movie is all about .


Boman irani is by default an amazing actor who has been seen to versatile and has done various roles with perfection and also has won our hearts but this films comes out as a biggest disappointment because we get to see one of his worst perfomances in his career , coming to vir das he as commendable and super awesome comic time but here he is seen being extremely silly and this also is a big dissappointment . Rest on part Neha dhupia ,Ram Kapoor and Jhonnylever have equally been un impressive with their roles


Save yourself from all the trauma , save your time , save your money because this is not worth anything , a must skip for bollywood . More then nuisance

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