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Friday, 1 April 2016


its a one time watch 3.5 star
R.Balki is back with something different and interesting concept the first half is very engaging and keeps you high on entertainment you will enjoy every bit of it . But the second half is a bit pointless and goes off the track and then somehow ends . Over all an interesting concept and has an entertaining run so it assures u laugh out loud in the theatres . Can be watched once


Screenplay starts off to be very very interesting and keeps the audience live with smiles and giggles and along with this kareena kapoor holds the film string with her superb performance . The story is about a guy who doesn't want to work all his life chasing his dream and ultimately ending up in shere mess of life instead he chooses to work as a house wife and that's when he meets this girl played by kareena who is a aspiring corporate employee . So they hangout and within no time fall in love . They marry each other happily and then arjun kapoor is seen handling the monthly expenses , cooking maintaining the house etc and he considers this more than an art . Days pass on and one fine day arjun kapoor in a interview expresses his concept of family and how even guys can do the home related work and let their wives achieve something in like . He instantly gets famous he is being invited by various organizations for inspiring talk , he even gets ads . Seeing this slowly and gradually kareena who is working hard feels her hardwork is nothing she feels insecure of her husband , she starts feeling jealous when people recognise her husband and not her . this turns out to create problems between KI and KA . They separate from each other .. Then what happens to this couple KABIR KA and KIYA Ki .. Do they patch up ? And how does it go all about will be answered when u watch the film in the nearest cinema halls


Kareena kapoor has been strongly holding the film all through with her superb performance n even Arjun kapoor seems impressive but in few scenes he looks to be not very convincing overall the chemistry between the 2 has also been cool enough .


its definetly a one time watch if u wanna watch something different than the usual story go for this and get entertained . Its a timepass watch . For more visit http://yoviews.com

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