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Friday, 15 April 2016


Its a Novelty Cinema 4.5 Star Rating πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ.5
The Journey of a obsessed FAN and a FLAMBOYANT Superstar will win your hearts and get you to the edge of your seat out of thrill and curiosity, what an CONTRAST between the 2 characters , Its a engaging film and a live reason to prove that is its a SONGLESS Film but still ensures the audience is always engaged and is lovig every bit of it . Director Manish Sharma has got the best out of SRK and his talent to the threshold and time and again SRK has proved us why he is the KING of BOLLYWOOD and with his perfomance in this movie he has nailed it . Its a WORTH WATCH @ theaters. BEST ACTOR AWARD TOH BANTA HAI , The CHAK DE WALA SWADES WALA KInd of SRK is back . Its a WORTH WATCH @ theaters. COMING to SRK fans Double treat hai yarooo a complete visual treat SRK Hi SRK all over in the Frame to his BEST <3 <3


The story is simple though but is a high time thriller which takes you on a ride of life of FAN and a SUPERSTAR and how the love for superstar turns out to be an obsession to a level that the FAN forgets to realize that he is doing a crime. The first half is joyous ride and showcases a FANs love for his super star and what challanges he goes through to meet his star , pre interval moment is one of the most curious moments as the film halts at an state where audience start predicting what would happen next and eagerly waits for the second half . Now coming to the second half a few scenes may not convince you logically but take a chill pill you have enough reasons to overrule those silly mistakes and love the movie for its engaging storyline and narration, the second half show cases how a FANs love turns out to be an obsession and the steps he takes to get over his obsession for the  STAR and how it affcets the star and his stardom and the steps the SUPERSTAR takes to make the FAN realize his mistake . Climax is heart touching unlike the usual typical climax it gets you high on emotion and it covers up few flaws that you may notice during the second half . Dialouges are impressive , acting is something which takes this movie to the next level . So what happens finally to the obsessed FAN and to the SUPERSTAR who faces a lot of unusual moments because of this FAN , Does the FAN understand the superstar ? or vice versa for all these answers walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie this weekend , Its Not at all a miss its a must watch at theatres .


SHAH RUKH KHAN steals the show with his above the par super awesome acting specially in the role of FAN gaurav he has nailed it and for all those who loved movies like chak de india , swades where we got to see the potential of SRK i think this movie adds up to that list of potential best perfomances by SRK , The contrast between the 2 characters is commendable @ a point you feel is it really SRK playing both the roles such is the difference he has got with both his roles , Waluscha dsouza in her debut has been impressive though she had a small role and few dialouges to mouth .


Ignore the minor flaws in the 2nd half and watch this movie this weekend , its sure to amaze you with phenomenal performance and novelty story , editing has also been great , and as i said its a songless movie but keep you thrilled and engaged and more over the climax takes over in a unique way . Its a MUST watch at cinemas . Do not miss this . ANd for SRK FANS its double dose , double fun double thrill and a lot lot of GOOSEBUMPS as you see your star rocking all throughout to his best . 

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