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Friday, 29 April 2016


One time Masala entertainer 3 star
Tiger 🐯 takes Bollywood action to the next level,Film is a stereotype action rebel movie which has high octane action sequences,exotic shooting locations with amazing cinematography,hats off to DOP and finally a typical and completely predictable story line . Its definitely a one time watch the first half is interesting .over and all its  a masala flick which will get you high on adrenaline , youngsters will love this movie for one time watch. HATS OFF TO TIGER SHROFF FOR PUTTING ON GREAT EFFORT TO GET FEW REAL STUNTS IN ACTION. DO NOT FORGET TO WATCH THE ROLLING CREDITS TO EXPREINCE BEHIND THE SCENE MOMENTS OF THE EFFORT BEHIND THESE REAL STUNTS.


The story is nothing new at all its a typical masala dosed film with a typical amd predictable story line the screenplay goes well in sync and performances and exotic locations add to the beauty in every frame the first half goes well in flow but the second half has a few over stretched action scenes where in you feel kabb khatam hoga bhai ?? Coming to the story its about a man who loves to fight but nevers finds a right reason to fight and ie played by tiger shroff he meets a guru who happens to be his dads friend he trains him to the best in martial arts meanwhile while he Is on the town he falls im love with this bubbly girl played by shraddha kapoor and everything seems to be fine but then the martial art guru has a son who seems to be an arrogant spoiled brat played by sudheer babu he falls in love with tiger Shroff's girlfriend and when he gets to know that tiger Shroff is his boyfriend he attacks him multiple times but tiger deals with him and this creates rift between the 2 then one fine day raghav played by sudheer babu kidnaps' shraddha and then how tiger Shroff saves Shraddha from his captive or say from his villa which has 10 levels of danger ie professional fighters at every floor upto the 10th floor . Does he succeed ? Or does he sacfifice his life in this verge ? Are all the questions which will be answered when you watch this film in the nearest cinema halls


Tiger Shroff has put on extreme effort for his stunts to be realistic and it has come out v well hats off to his hard work coming to Shraddha kapoor she was okie or i can say average at her role as a bold rebel but the role of an ordinary sweet and bubbly girl is played well by her . Now talking if the Bollywood debut in negative role sir here babu has a great personality to fit in as a perfect bad boy and he has his own style and he stands out at it but what seemed little down was punch in his dialogues which was missing . Finally coming to Sunil Grover in the role of dad has been naturally funny and cool 😎 he has a super awesome comic time .


if you are looking for some great masala action and adrenaline pumping experience get your dose of all this in combo at your nearest cinema halls . Rest to quote its a predictable film and in call it a one time watch . NOT TOO GOOD NOT TOO BAD .

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