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Wednesday, 9 March 2016


An inspiring 4 star 🌟 🌟🌟🌟
ITS not a usual movie ITS A NOVELTY CINEMA
GET INSPIRED TO NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS NO MATTER WHAT 😊  a beautifully written script which is executed flawlessly with a unique narrative n a perfect cast deployed to convey this in a convincing manner synced with perfect background score. What gets the stars down for this film is messy editing .

The screenplay goes crisp smooth convincing you at every bit with is unique way of story  telling and keeps the audience engaged in the story and the way things are matched up using real life examples is just commendable . The story is about a guy who comes from a mediocre background where in he is shown engaged with his father at temple for singing soothing  devotional / meaningful songs this gets in him a kind of interest and love from within for  music but then something somewhere somehow he is supressed by a fear 😱. A deep fear and sorrow of something which gets him go away from music though he is a good singer he suppresses himself from exploring it . He chooses to do something else in his life and he succeeds in doing it and ie joining the business tycoon so called the lion of Punjab gurucharan sikand and winning his heart ♥ he succeeds but no sooner he realises that he was being just used as a object by gurucharan  to fulfil his own selfish needs   on the other end amidst his work with guruvharan he  meets amira a music enthusiast who performs at various shows and is shown in a modern independent and happy go lucky avatar , they both get closer ,amora suggests him to listen to his heart, his voice and follow his dream of being in the field of music but for that fact that he has a dark past playing right in front of him.he denies to listen to his heart but then as he realises that guru charan had just used him and though he had achieved all that he had planed for he seems unhappy in his life because he has bot achieved his actual dream. So what is that gurucharan has used him for ? How does he retaliate? Does he realize his dream and work for it? Or he comtinues to do what he has convinced himself to do ? And does he  get back to amira ? For all these questions to be answered watch the movie at ur nearest cinema halls


Vicky kaushal the masaan actor has done par to par justice to his role with his amazing acting skills he will not leave u disappointed he will completely convince u in every possible way as he is to his natural . Sara Jane Dias has also done well in her role as a modern cool girl and I should say no1 could do it better than her it was amazing to see her back again in a role like this . Rest on part Manish Chaudhari who has played gurucharan has also been convincing with his performance all throughout the movie in this stiff and tough avatar .


Its not a usual movie its a novelty cinema support movies like this to excel at business level as well . This movie will inspire you to follow ur dreams its a worth watch at theatres . I give it a YO! GURANTEE.

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