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Friday, 4 March 2016


Doesn't live upto expectation 󾌣 STRICTLY A ONE TIME WATCH 2.4 star 󾭩󾭩.4
There are a few convincing moments but FILM IS TOO MUCH OVERSTRETCHED TO B  HANDLED BEING PREDICTABLE ,performances take an edge over and the BEST PART IS DIRECTOR HIMSELF AS  A CORRUPT POLICE OFFICER STEALS THE SHOW. AN INSPIRATION TO THE LADIES as women power stands out ubdefeated if you stand by your decision.😋  but then what fails is bad makeover , pathetic background score and no so impactful punches in the film fail to work wonders for the flick. Total justice for screen space where  every small character in this film is given big space. Over and all its just a normal predictable story with a predictable plot cooked up for 2.5 hours finally getting you exactly what you predict and is strictly a one time watch .
The screenplay seems to be written with mixed feelings as things go on happening over and again to prove a particular point which the audience has already realised , as audience we v well know what would be the end still the story is  overstretched and over dragged to its heights which make it not soo cinematic watch. The dialouges dont Create any punch hence failing to create any impact and then out of the track backgroundscore where song plays out loud during action sequences definetly dissappoints . The story is about a village which is ruled by a few cruel and corrupt politicians who come down to any  level to harress people or even kill them with ease for their selfish needs amidst this cines a fearless cop played by priyanka Chopra who takes over as the SP who takes an oath to clear all this and protect the people and help people retain trust on police . But then she faces extreme pressure , abuse and also life threatening experience but she stands out tall and faces the rigid of rigid moments Finally does she suceed in exposing these cruel infact criminal politicians , do the people of village and the people who have lost their son,father or sister get justice ? Or as usual the system wins ? Are all the questions that will be answered when u watch this movie in the nearest Cinema halls
Biggest surprise comes our way to see Prakash jha himself playing role of a corrupt police officer with a hidden conscience which
Awakens sum where sumhow and coming to his acting he has done a great job and doesn't seem like its his first movie where he has been acting because he has done it with ease . Coming to priyanka Chopra as the powerful fearless cop she has also been as convincing as her role demanded but what haseng worked on her favour is the makeover which actually distorts her role in someway . Coming to the rest of the cast in the negative role  have been impressive and then follows the ensemble cast who has done a great job
Its purely  a one time watch ,it not too good not too bad it has parts where we get convinced.it has parts which doesn't convince so over all I say can be watched once . Rest follows the Prakash jha style . Watch out for the movie if you are okie with a regular story cooked up for 2.5 hours finally delivering you what you had predicted . For more reviews visit http://yoviews.com

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