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Tuesday, 1 March 2016


My take is 2 star 🌟 🌟
THIS WILL GRAB EYEBALLS OF ASPIRING BOLLYWOOD ARTISTS TO AN EXTENT BUT FAILS TO CREATE AN IMPACT.  😞  The movie Is dedicated to all the people who struggle to achieve their dreams despite of all the hurdles 😈  Nice theme but execution goes flat and directionless creating no impact and the pace of the movie and they way its narrated get the audience off the track as they start feeling bored within no time and it gets over dragged . A movie to be skipped this week
The screenplay seems very hopeful and interesting as it  kicks off but no sooner the film looses its instinct and the motive and gets into a traumatic mode where you feel what's happening  and it goes on and on till the end . The characters are designed well but even the characters deviate from the real self making it a lot of mellow dramatic . The story is about 3 aspiring actors one Is a young guy who works at a call centre , other is a prostitute and then we have a person of age 50 who takes volunteer retirement to achieve his dream. The young guy searches for every possible chance to showcase his talent, he attends every audition though he doesn't convince he tries to show his passion either by hurting himself or putting himself in danger , on the other hand is the 50 year man takes voluntary retirement  to achieve his dreams which he couldn't live for years because of his family commitment and coming to the girl she keeps finding for a man who is from.mumbai to give her dream a kick start and finally meets one. Finally what happens ? Do they achive their dreams of being a star? Or they get dissolved in the hurdle of life or challanges ? Do they give up? Or they stand tall ? Or do they ruin their lives ? For all these answers watch the movie 🎬
Its a movie to skip as it actually doesn't inspire you it just shows u the struggle of these 3 people with v poor execution which Is more of over dragged mellow drama  and slow paced narration which doesn't keep you connected with the film . So its not a  recommended watch
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