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Friday, 26 February 2016



Not a recomended watch - 2 Star πŸŒŸπŸŒŸ
Unlike its prequel this film is just randomly made without any motive, without any story & i think even without a director,its only flattery and the complete making is so illogical and hodge-podged that nothing can really save this movie , at parts the film had a few fun going moments i should say a very few genuinely funny moments rest on part a complete disappointment .


The screenplay is as bad as a roughly written story for a short film , things happen so randomly in the movie and there are heights of few things that happen in the movie which you cant even imagine , the random comedy stuff is not really funny , the punches go flat without any impact what only is cheerishing is the actor who has played OSAMA , The first 20 - 30 mins of the film is merely wasted boosting around their own film ie the first installment of the film and self declaring it a super hit over and again and i really d not understand why the auidence is shown a reason for not casting Ali zafar so over and out the point is 20-30 is wasted in shwoing something that is entirely out of the plot of the film. The story is about an aspiring director who wants to shoot a hit bollywood film and gain fame and success in this verge he meets this guy paddi singh who resembles osama, they team up to shoot a sequel for tere bin laden on the other hand is the american president who has given a statement that he has himself shot osama but now that he dosent have a valid proff to prove this and the elections are nearing he starts planing and thats when one of his officer in charge suggests him that there is a man in India who looks like osama on hearing this the president asks his officer to approcah the guy and plan to shoot the video of osama being shot , the president is eagerly waiting for a shot meanwhile he even gets hallucinated while dancing with a lady he gets an imagination that he is dancing with osama and pushes her on the floor .  Now this officer gets an perfect changeover and defying all logic a device is embeeeded which turns his voice to a punjabi speaking man , he approcahes paddi and the aspiring film maker and they plan out for a shoot meanwhile even one of the guy in pakistan gets to know that there is a look alike of osama in India , they plan to kidnap the guy and threaten america so these people now come on the way of the american officer who is trying to get a video shot to prove that presidet personally along with the marines killed osama, Finally does he suceed ?? Or the pakistanis kidnap osama ? or osama dies? or the american president is successful in getting an video of himself shooting osama? For all this walk in to the nearest cinema halls andwatch this movie this weekend


Parduman singh who has played the character of OSAMA (paddi) is the real show stealer and has done a great job , if you laugh at a few scenes it because of this actor coming to manish paul he has been charming and cool at few scenes but rest on part he has joined the cast equally in delivering total overacting sequences , Coming to sikander kher his makeover in the double role was ultimate and has also acted well


ABsolutely nothing to offer , i do not recommend this to be watched in the cinemas , perhaps you can wait for the world tv premiere ,The movie is just made out of no plan and a complete disaapointment for the audience who were expecting a lot from this film having said that the first installment was a hit . Its definetly a skip this weekend . for more visit http://yoviews.com

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