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Sunday, 14 February 2016


My take is a breath taking 3.8 star 🌟🌟🌟.8
Get ready to experience suspense and thrill take you @ the edge of ur seat 💺 this movie is a perfect  balance of emotion , fun , action and suspense thriller . Glitch editing and poor songs take it down by 1 star and the climax could have been better as its presented at an 3x speed and then concluded over . But overall you can avoid these minor flaws as its a worth watch and has a lot to offer .. Get ready to test ur prediction levels  😋😋
Screenplay is smooth going and moves forward step by step delivering a very good viewing experience with punch , suspense , comedy as well as emotion . The story is so well presented making sure the audience is engaged every second till the end with the same curiosity with which the film starts off . Coming to the story its beautifully written but as I said climax could have been better . The story is about a murder which initially is treated to be a suicide case but further analysis leads to reopening of the case and CID is handovered this case  and the CID officer is played by SHIVRAJ KUMAR he takes on the case as his very seriously investigating minor of the minor hints but as her reaches the conclusion he feels he is still at the start because nothing works in his favour and as per his expectation ,now the twist in this gives live on execution when his wife is captured by a  dead spirit  , and its suspected to be the murder victims spirit, so now he balances on managing both the sides one is the investigation and the other his wife's well being , he Gets into pressure when the spirit within his wife warns him to find out who killed him until then the spirit says it wont exit out from his wife's body . But then on initial Treatment and hypnotising of his wife it is suspected to be just a mere case of illusion and obsession toward the case and the victim which made his wife behave so . But does it really sound convincing ? Or has the spirit of dead victim really entered her body ? And what happens to the case ? Is it resolved ? Or the cid officer looses amidst tension on his wife's health ? Will the murder victim ever get justice? Are all the questions which will crack out when you watch it in the nearest cinema halls .
Shivraj Kumar has been really convincing as a CID officer , But coming to dance sequences I found it not very convincing but as the main focus is acting I would say he has done a commendable job . The actress vedika has also been super awesome job and then follows the ensemble cast .
Its worth the money you pay , no second thought get going as I feel these are one of those  rare films which showcase a souful thrilling experience all throughout and keep you live throughout the movie 🎬  . For more reviews visit http://yoreviews.blogspot.in

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