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Monday, 8 February 2016


My take 2 Star πŸŒŸπŸŒŸ
Director seems to have had extreme mood swings while directing this film as the film is too much mellow dramatic ,the film kicks off perfect and goes on with a steady pace till the interval  , the INTENSE love <3 story then takes a turn with twists and extra exaggerated mellow drama which make its a never ending film , it goes on to be boring by the end you loose that patience of watching the film :D The theme and basic skeleton of the film is heart touching but in the process of making it too much intenese and heart melting the film has failed to make it a worth watch in theatres


The screenplay is well written and in a way so as to create impact and get that heart melting moment rightly felt to the audience , but then post interval the screenplay gets too my lagged up and draggy making it quite similar to the serials on tv which start off with cheer and hope but end up being a cry business over and out . The story basically is great but could have been presented smoothly , The story is about a girl who chooses to stay as single , basic and plain as possible and thats the reason she never gets to express her love , nor anyone really turns up to her , now this becomes an issue @ her home beacsue she happens to be the elder sister and she is counting her 10th rejection for a marriage proposal , this gets her younger sister worry because she is in the queue waiting for her elder sister to marry , she expresses her hate for her and makes her feel that somewhere somehow she is responsible . Now this gets her worry even more and she decides to meet up a the most beautiful beautician who can get her a perfect makeover but then as the beautician is one among the most famous in the city she is put on waiting list for 3 months , now to get an wild card entry she finds a way and that is her neighbour a guy who is the beauticians boyfriend ,she approaches him but then things change forever , misunderstandings happen in the family she is pushed out of her house and thats when this guy takes care of her every need and supports her but then comes a twist , she accepts a guy @ her office who happens to be her crush  , but no sooner he dumps her exactly on the day of his marriage for the reason that she has brain tumor and has very few days to stay , now this girl goes invisible . Now how does her neighbour the guy who supported her find her , doe he suceed ? does he express his love for her ? does he marry her even after knowing the fact that she has very few days of life to stay together ? All these questions will be answered when you watch the movie in the nearest cinema hals


Both the debut actors Mawra and harshavadhan have done a great job and will surely impress the audience like never before . They have done their role with utmost dedication and the fruit comes out as a wonderful perfomance . Specially the actress has managed to b versatile as a simple girl as well as a new different version of herself in the movie,


Its not tooo good its not too bad , you can watch it one time its an intense love story , so if you are among those who loves films like this or if you are a soft hearted person you willl surely love this film . For more reviews visit http://yoviews.com 

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