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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


A Disappointing 1.5 Star πŸŒŸ.5
Except for exotic shoot locations & Melodious Music there is absolutely nothing convincing in the movie,the plot and twists are less surprising and more predictable and obsolete ,it was made to be a touchy film with love as an emotion at its peak, intense or threshold but poor and ludicrous screenplay fail to work wonders for  this film ,nor the chemistry between the actor & actress has gone well , the jokes and fun sequences are more of random junk stuff which hardly get u smile , dialogues are poor except a few ,Overall its not a worth watch at theatres because it has nothing really appealing to get u a perfect cinematic feel.


The screenplay is not at all in favour of general audience in providing a smooth transition, though the film and its script focus on past & present of a guy the transition of the story is not actually portraying a contrast which makes it very difficult for general audience to make out or understand whats actually happening,the narration is very confusing and editing is very poor . The only thing that works out for this film is music and beautiful locations which is a visual treat to the audience . The film seems to be not seriously made as random unfunny jokes take on at every nook and corner of the film absolutely making no sense and moreover degrading the film to even more worse. The story is about a guy named aakash played by pulkit who is born at this beautiful place named tanakpur where he has a lot of sweet memories and cheerishing moments with his grandfather and then his teenage at tanakpur where he meets his love shruti played by yami , no sooner aakash plans to leave his place to achieve his dreams away from his city and he leaves the place without even informing his love shruti who waits for him but then in the fast moving city life he hardly gets time to visit tanakpur. Responsibilities , work pressure and frustation make him a kind off completely different person and in this race now to save his job he joins a camp with a motive to meet Mrs Pablo{akansha} played by urvashi to win a business deal for his company , he pretends to be liking her and immensly praises her no soon she falls in love with him but by them a twist gets his game go worse and ie Shruti his childhood love seems to be at the same camp , he happens to meet her and expresses his love but initially she denies to even be shruti but then on the go they again get closer but then she suddenly walks off from his life , aakash tries to stop her and even expresses his love but she goes off  aakash decides to go back to tanakpur and set things right and do what his heart says , meanwhile before this he confesses his master mind behind meeting aakansha and apologises for it and says "YOU ARE MY FRIEND" Now that he goes to tanakpur his friend also accompanies him , So does he get shruthi back? Or is it again a kind of revenge shruti takes on akash for having left her all alone at her teenage? Or is there any other reasam behind shruti rejecting akash? Finally do they unite? for all these questions to be answered walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie


Rishi kapoor steals the show with his unique look and innocient acting , Pulkit samrat as akash has done justice to the role as per the script and character but when the character itself is flawed you cannot blame the actor , but i should say he has worked hard on his physique as well as his look to match up in contrast to his teenage and mature guy character in the movie the same goes with Yami gautam n as usual she has been gorgeous but her role didnt have much impact and moreover the chemistry between pulkit and yami was not at all convincing , coming to urvashi she too didnt have much to do and rest on part the ensemble cast has not done anything convincing.


A movie to definetly skip as im sure you will return back with a feeling "Whats this all about?" Movie miserably fails to maintain balance in any of the genre, its fails as a love story, fails on comedy and it fails to provide a smooth and con-vincible watch to the audience. 

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