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Saturday, 20 February 2016


I give it a applauding 4.2 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟.2
Firsty one word ul say at the climax & thats "HATS OFF TO THE BRAVE HEART NEERJA "Its a engaging movie which will take off getting ur senses feel every bit of the movie and its scenes to the fullest of every emotion  😊 One of those rare movies which makes u feel sad for loosing a brave and beautiful heart like NEERJA & at the same time gets you high on a feeling of proudness' for having such a wonderful personality in our country . I think its a must watch and I give it a YO! GURANTEE
The story is based on a real incident which happened at Karachi where in a plan of pan am airlines was hijacked by a 4 cruel men with a Bad motive and on not getting their demands fulfilled they  threaten to kill the crew and passengers and amdist this is a brave heart among the crew NEERJA BANOT who takes on her values a high time to do something for the people with all her heart ❤  and she finally looses her life as she is shot dead by one of the cruel terrorist . But then she dies with a positive note 📝  as she has saved lives to a level it was possible among the 279 passengers and crew she saved 259 lives.  And her positive message to her mother before she dies reads out to be a dialogue from a retro movie  which says " PUSHPA I HATE TEARS" which indeed gets the climax even more emotional . She deserves every respect and as they say she stays to be AMAR and a inspiration to all of us 😊  now how does she save lives? , how does she take care of the whole crew and passengers at the time of hijack? How are things executed ? For all this please walkin and watch this movie at the nearest cinema halls .
Sonam Kapoor makes u believe there is a character in every actor which they can play to the best of the convincible level  and I should say SONAM Kapoor this time has done it v well with her performance , shabana azmi has been great as a mother and her ending climax scene with her emotional speech gets you feel the pain of a mother loosing her daughter and at the same time being proud of her dater who died saving soo many people . And rest on part the cast has done a good job
its more than a worth watch at theatres so do not miss this movie as its a must watch for every Indian as a respect for a brave heart who owes all the respect by all means . Its a poora paisa vasool movie
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