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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


My take is an average going 2.5 Star πŸŒŸπŸŒŸ.5
A typically predictable movie with essence same as every <3  love story but with a small twist :D , which at parts comes out well to be entertaining but as it goes on you seem to loose interest as it goes flat because of its predictable plot and a over dramatic sequences :O which seem very repetitive in the movie. Music at parts get energy and fun in the air for the movie. Over & all its just a average going movie .

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ScreenPlay goes on to be entertaining till the first half where a lot of curiosity , fun are generated but as the film steps in the second half it gets out to be monotonous and redundant and you exactly know what the climax is going to be . The story is about a guy who is getting married , so on his bachelor party he goes on to be out of control after extreme consumption of alcholol , he then meets a girl whom he finds very sweet and fun loving , they hangout and as per the tagline of the film goes their love story starts on bed , but the next day the guy gets back to the hard reality that he is suppose to get married to a girl who is selected by his sister , the sweet girl dosent feel for this she chooses to hide her emotion but tells him to always listen to his heart but then ge goes on to marry a girl whom he dosent love , thing go on but no sooner the guys marriage breaks and he is now seperated , his life has changed , he hardly has something to cheerish in his life , thats when his friends plan a trip to singapore to chillout and thats where he meets the sweet girl again and expresses his linking for her but he gets striked by the truth that the girl is getting married , the sweet girl still loves him but chooses not to express it and thats when the actor repeats the gals own dialouge listen to your heart . Now what happens next? does the girl marry her parents choice ? or does she come back to this guy? Are all the questions that will be answered when you watch this movie at the bearest cinema halls


The entire cast has delivered a mediocre perfomance , though i should say the actress Navneet Kaur Dhillon has been convincing  there was nothing out of the box to be quoted in this segment.


Its just a average going movie , a movie to skip at the cinemas but in case if your used to typical love stories you can walk in and experience LOVE in the air with this love story .

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