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Friday, 5 February 2016


Its strictly an average going 2.5 Star
Sunny Deol takes you on an nostalgic ride of the retro feel of Indian cinema with all the mellow drama,over dosed action :D , overflowing emotion :O few action sequences are more of comedy and a few curiosity pumping chase sequences and action to ride you high in the sunny deol spirit :P , his screen presence is all that gets the exact feel & match to the title GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN :) Rest on part its strictly an average movie , the climax is over typical and dramatized to the threshold way possible


The screenplay is average going , photography and vfx are not upto the par making it a bit inconvenient to watch  in the cinemas , the movie kicks off to be traumatic with pathetic visuals  , editing is poor coming to the locations , few sequences in the film have pretty good location rest go normal , Action sequences at few parts have been great but at few points too much overdosed and the best part of the film is the mid portion of the film  where a lot of curosity is generated . The story is about a murder of a retired police officer by one of the most respected persons in the city and few youngsters accidentaly get the live proff of this in form of a video which gets the murdered father get in a criminal mode , he does every possible thing to get the video from them , he makes their lives horrible and disgusting , they are harrased and 1 person stands tall for them and that is sunny deol who is GHAYAL on death of his close friend ie the police officer , he does everything to save the little youngsters and in this verge he gets a better reason to fight harder and that is one among the youngsters comes out to be his daughter , and now he gets double powerful and then what does he do?? does he take action against the murdered? does he suceed ? or he quits from all this forhis daughters well being? for all this watch this film in the nearest cinema halls


Sunny deol has done a great job and his screen presence is all that makes this film a convincible watch to some extrent , every scene where sunny doel gets angry gets the audience whistle and scream out of exitement but coming to emotional scenes there has been a lot of overacting and most of those end up being funny to be watched , the newbies tisca, aanchal have been great and the senior actors om puri also has been impressive.


Its a one time watch strictly average , watch it for sunny deol and his come back , watch it to revisit the retro bollywood filmy feel. 

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