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Friday, 12 February 2016


My take is 2 star 🌟 🌟
Save urself from all the trauma 2 hours of the movie feels like 4 hours , the movie was made to be artistic but miserably fails to keep the audience live  😞 due to extreme mellow drama and above the par slow pace . Performances are definetly a feather in the cap for the film  and exotic locations of Kashmir covered with snow make it a quite a great visual treat 😁  apart from this the story is quite predictable .
The story was quite a predictable one but was made with an artist point of view but the screenplay and its Pace gets it fail miserably due to over exaggerated drama 🎭  and damn slow pace . The total runtime of the film seems doubled . The story is about begum played by tabu who has faced a never forgetable heart break in her young days so she plans to get over her anger over men by doing the same thing with Aditya Roy Kapoor . She gets him meet her daughter firdaus played by katrina in childhood and they get close no sooner she sends her
 daughter to London and asks him to be a successful man only then he can meet her daughter .. Her works hard and becomes successful he finally meets Katrina thy continue their incomplete love story but very soon she leaves him all alone and returns back , Aditya Roy gets into depression no sooner he realizes this was all a game just played right by the begum and what hurts him is Katrina chooses sum1 else over hum to marry. So now what does he do? Does he get back Katrina ?  Does he take revenge on begum? Or Katrina herself realizes that what she did was wrong . For all these watch the film in the nearest cinema halls
The 2 stars what this movie is got is all because of shooting locations and super awesome performance by tabu . Katrina and Aditya Roy didn't have much to do other than crying and a few dialouges to mouth . Rest on part Ajay devgns cameo was normal and Aditi hydari was graceful.
Its not a worth watch at theatres . You are sure to have a sound sleep if u happen to watch this in the cinemas .this one totally disappoints you to the core .if mellow drama and extra emotions would have been excluded then the film would be really a artistic one .

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