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Next Review on Jan 18th for the Film Cheat India [Latest Review of the Week URI 4 Star]

Friday, 8 January 2016


A super solid 4 star 🌟 🌟🌟🌟
This years first film is perfect 👌  movie that revolves round a perfect plot with emotion , thrill, punching dialouges  & a perfectly baked plot combined with terrific performances is magic created by the legend AMITABH BACCHAN SIR and the very impressive Farhan Aktar (y) . So get ready to make ur first move to the theatres this year for this amazing awesome movie <3
The story is about a perfect game with a perfect move which gets perfect execution ;) which finally impresses you like you never expected :) . The screen play goes right in pace after few mins of the movie runtime though the start is a bit slow which Is 1 drawback for this film but then the films kicks off perfectly . Farhan aktar who has played dhanesh a anti terrorist squad someday looses his most loving daughter in a chase  on the other hand an specially abled pandit played by Amitabh bacchan sir has also lost his daughter a few years back :(  both these furious fathers meet each other and realize that the person behind killing their daughter is one single person and being a chess pandit amitab ji frames a perfect game for a perfect revenge :) Dialogues are so punching that you end up clapping in the theatres. :P  I would not reveal the plot  As the beauty of the film lies in its plot which will provide you thrill getting u at the edge of the seat out of curiosity:)  A few flaws here and there where some things do not match up to genral logic  but despite all this the film keeps up its plot
Without diverting . The climax is hilarious and will win your heart make you really emotional  and will deliver something that you never even predicted or expected .;) so now to get what's the game all about and how does it go ? Do they suceed ? Or their game fails out miserably ? For all this the answer would be watching this movie ;)
Amitabh sir has been too good with his role , time and again he has been the most versatile actor 🎭  who convinces you with any role he just does it with all his heart ❤. And so natural . Coming to farhan aktar he has also done his part with par excellence (y) . Apart from this special appearance by John Abraham and Neil are actually interesting . The actress didn't have much to do but she carried herself well all throughout the film.:) 
Its more than a worth watch at theatres ,this new year make your best move for this best movie 🎥 . But 1 advice for people who are looking for masala flick / mindless entertainer this one is not of that genre as this film is pure content based . Its a poora paisa vasool movie .. So enjoy your weekend with thrill , emotion and a lot of curiosity . :)
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  1. you write well man :) Could you write here http://www.mymovierack.com/reviews/wazir also as I saw my friends reviews mostly here

    1. Thanks a lot bro :) And cool will write there starting with my next review , it sounds cool