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Saturday, 30 January 2016


A Film to SKIP otherwise a Timepass watch 1.8 Star rating
Wouldnt quote much as my review will end up to be 'A' certified :D Strictly for adults this film has everything except PLOT & SENSE starting from double meaning jokes to triple meaning jokes and a VERY FEW MOMENTS  to LAUGH OUT LOUD :P follows next is Sunny Leones double role which dosent actually create any impact but yes it is a add on reason for only the FANS :D Make sure u keep ur mind , heart & brains home if at all you are going to watch this as nothing in the film absolutely makes any sense :P Not a recommended watch in cinemas but u can watch it  for timepass and nothing more


The screenplay goes as normal as it can.. delivering few smiles and laugh out loud moments but most of which makes no sense but for just timepass fun it goes well , the film is a kind of loud and a lot of skin show is being deployed in the entire run of this film to compromise the quality of film making which is already degarded in the film . The story is about 2 guys who fall for 2 beautifully ravishing ladies both played by sunny leone and now to get into their lifes what they do and amidst all these what happenes and  what is that they face ? what kind of people they meet ? How do they handle things and how typical is the ending? is all the film is about .


Technically this segment dosent deserve to be even there for this film review but iam adding it because of vir das who was somehow a bit convinving , rest on part the entire cast have been as overacting as possible throughout the film .


If you wanna laugh on a few adult jokes in and around in bits you can walk in and have a comic timepass in the cinemas , otherwise i dont think it has anything to offer . A Movie to skip in the cinemas

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