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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Kya kool hai hum 3

Kya kool hai hum 3
My take is a disgusting 1 star 🌟
This one will surely make it to the top 3 worst films of the year :/ a tough fight for pathetic films like himmatwaala and humshakals :D
Mindless, loud and overdosed sequences  make the film Senseless :( this one of those sequels which goes down the graph day by day :D By the way the film is  strictly for adults and i recommend this one to be highly skipped as it has nothing to offer you ..its just a random disastrous movie .. U will hardly find 1 or 2 scenes in the whole movie to laugh out for  :(
Well there is nothing near to what is called story for this film 🎥 . The film is merely a fragments of pure randomly moving scenes which revolve around the  film still make no sense nor give you an reason to smile or laugh :D  the film at very few points has some fun moments but 90% of the film goes flat as a bog disaster.. the film more than a comedy genre is just all about skin show all throughout the movie 🎥  infact most of the scenes shown in the trailer are refined in the film or are missing because of the revise from censor board :P  the story in short is about a guy played by tushar kapoor who somehow is sent out of his house by his father for his friends mistake ..he then out of no option joins his friend at bankok to be a porn actor :D along with his friend played by aftab. In bankok  he falls for a girl played by mandana :). Now mandana decides to introduce her father tho tushars family ..now he runs out of option and plans to make all the prorn actors act as his family :D he trains them and then what happened hows does his plan go around does it really work? For answers watch this movie :P
There was nothing much to be delivered when it comes to performances as the film seems to have been made just as random as it is . Tushar Kapoor and aftab have been good together in the movie :) shakti Kapoor doesn't convince anyway coming to mandana has been good at parts and gorgeous as well . Ritesh deshkmuks cameo is quite an surprise in the film. Rest of the support cast have been pathetic :D
Its not at all a worth watch . A movie to skip this weekend as it has nothing to deliver at all . No humour, no emotion, no motive a complete disaster :P

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