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Friday, 15 January 2016


My Take a one time 3.2 Star
A film with a heart which by all our heart is dedicated to those wonderful teachers who moulded us to what we are today ,the theme of the film is awesome but what gets it down is  bad editing, Hodge-Podged execution and a few illogical scene's,  otherwise it has a lot to offer from Cherishing moments to mellow drama . You can give it a take by watching it this weekend has a beautiful message and above all it will make u remember your wonderful teachers its all perfectly dedicated to them (y)

The Screen play has a bit of hodge podged sequences which make you realize that editing was done with no extra care and the story portrayal is quite in the right pace but at few points mellow drama to the par makes it a bit over stretched . Coming to the story its about 2 brilliantly talented teachers who work for a school they make learning easy for children , they work hard to make them learn & get  better, but one fine day the director of the school along with a new stubborn principal revamp everything to make education a business , they torture the teachers with a motive to get them out of the school and get replacement for them at a lower cost , the principal suceeds in terminating few teachers one among those will be the very talanted vidya mam played by shabana azmi which follows her getting in stress and she gets an heart attack and no sooner this news starts trending on the media and the school authorities are questioned , Jyoti mam played by juhi chawla takes an stand for vidya mam and now to her rescue comes richa chadda a news reporter who helps them get all the support from their students and thats a point in the film where you would remember all your teachers who taught you , Vidya mam gets well but now the question arises whet were the teachers terminated ? Is the school responsible ? Or is it the incompetent teachers ?   To resolve this out the education minister plans a perfect move and thats brought to you by rishi kapoor @ the end of the film, Now what is it all about? DO the teachers win the final challange ? are they proved right or the school is proved right? For all these answers to crack out walk in to the nearest cinema halls this weekend


JUHI Chawla well its rare to see her on the BADA PARDA but then when you see her she is seen convincing you with her expressive face and convincing character , she has played her role carrying all that is needed for it , Coming to shabana azmi i can say she was just perfect and one of the finest in the film the role well suited her, Divya duuta alsi has been impressive , Rest on part we are left with extended cameos of RICHA CHADDA , RISHI KAPOOR , JACKY SHROFF all of the all have done a great job


Its definetly a one time watch , it will definetly not bore you , it has essence of emotion , drama and a long loving feeling for teachers which makes the ride a cheershing one , so this one is dedicated for your teachers go walk in and watch this over the weekend .

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