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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Bajirao Mastani

Bajirao Mastani
My take is a deserving 4.5 Star rating
Outstanding screenplay , blazing perfomances , strong plot & perfectly organised sets make it the so called Perfect Magnum Opus , Director Sanjay leela bhansali has not left any rock turned to make this film a Solid narrative making it worth watch at the theatres ;)  It has every bit of essence that a good movie should be about emotions , Love , action , drama & dialouges all and all a feast to eyes . Do not miss this gem of bollywood .

Story & Screenplay

Screenplay is solid itt grips you all throughout the movie and ensures you get into every bit of the story without getting you off the track . Punching dialouges and smooth going narrative ties you to give a perfect cinematic feel. The characters are portrayed beautifully and the sets are magnificent & large.
The story is about a warrior peshwa Bajirao who is the royal king and is always in victory with his smart mind and perfect plan . He is weeded to kashibai played by priyanka now in verge of helping his neighboring state he meets a beautiful princess named Mastani Played by deepika . Slowly they fall in love and now bajirao accepts her as his second wife , but then given that bajirao is a maratha and mastani is a muslim it paves way to get him questioned for not following the culture , a number of times few people try to kill mastani but bajirao stands tall he protects his love , he gives her all respect though bajiraos family dosent accept her , bajirao himself takes due care & he loves her to an extent that he agress to withdraw himself as the king only for mastani . In a couple of days bajirao goes on a massive war so mastani is left behind all alone and thats when bajiraos mom plans a perfect plan to make her captive and kill her but them admist war bajirao gets to know this from some one , he rages out kills all the enemies in the battle field and then after winning the massive war he decides to fight against his own place for mastani but then he suddenly falls ill and waits for mastani to come, a few of his family members plan to release mastani and get here right infront of bajirao as his health goes critical but thingss dont work out , Bajirao goes Insane he stars sensing Horses , weapons , enemies all around him even when there is nothing he starts acting mad and finally counts his last breath on the other hand mastani who is a captive in the jail waits for bajirao but then she too counts her last breath and a dialouge pops up which they have conversed in past " Mastani Humari dhadkane eek saath dhadakti hai aur rukhti b eek saath hai" & they die finally a very beautfilu message is read out loud to the audience "Mohobbat ka koi dharam nahi hota kyuki mohobaat hi apne aap mai eek bohot bada dharam hai"


Bajirao played by ranveer singh is just perfect , shandaar and the best , i should say its his best perfomance till date he has carried that dynamicity and attitude of a king , coming to deepika as mastani she has been graceful and has done par justice to the role , and now priyanka chopra has been a exact match of a marathi girl and it has gone very well , the perfomances ignite the spirits and get in more interest and enthusiasm in watching the film


Its more than a worth watch at theatres , get going do not miss this gem of bollywood it has eveything to provide you a perfect cinematic feel .

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