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Friday, 22 January 2016


My take is a goosebumping 4.6 star 🌟 🌟🌟🌟.6 . YOU WILL NOT RETURN BACK WITHOUT CLAPPING AT THE CLIMAX (y) (y) ..ITS MY YO! GURANTEE :) ...A must watch for every INDIAN,it takes u on a power packed and adrenalin pumping  🔃 journey of  1 Brave heart ❤  and smart mind which changes lakhs of minds ,unites everyone , kills every difference and celebrates the spirit of PATRIOTISM (y)  like never ever before. :) So what are you waiting for unite with your friends and experience the touching, powerful  and one the proud mission of INDIA to be remembered and respected. POOORA PAISA VASOOL MOVIE WORTH EVERY PENNY YOU PAY... It connects you and your emotions and lots of lots of respect to hour country.
The story and the plot go perfectly in sync delivering you punches <3 , making you feel the emotion and a feeling which you see onscreen and connect it so smoothly :)  the screenplay is well executed without any hodge podge just the way it has to be as simple as that ;) performances are added cherry to the solid story and plot . The story is about the Indians at Kuwait who are stuck with inconvenience and unforeseen conditions make it tough for them to get out of Kuwait where Iraq has attacked :( in this verge a business man who can easily take the escape chit and boarding pass and   return back to India takes a take on thinking about his fellow Indians (y) who are nothing to him in blood relation but they are his own people from his own country :) he takes a stand for them ..he is supported by his family and then followed by the fellow Indians who unite at the climax to save him when in danger and this gets us to the bottom line that the evacuation suceeds 1,70,000 Indians 58 flights lead by 1 brave heart ❤. Now how does he do it ? What are the dangers he faces ? Does he return back safe with his family ? Are the questions which which airlift with answes at the nearest cinema halls .. The climax will just win your heart and get you Goosebumps <3 its an ultimate thrilling and super solid film to watch in the cinemas this weekend
Akshay Kumar ..well when it comes to patriotic films I don't think any1 can beat Akki because he is the best (y) ,he is a natural character by himself doesn't need any extra tadka to his  character he carries himself well convincing throughout the film ;) coming yo the actress nimrat kaur she has been impressive and has done her job to the par .loved the scene where she takes stand for Akshay Kumar and speaks her heart out :) superbb.. Rest on part the whole support cast has been awesome <3 perfomanced as I said are fresh toppings to make the film beautiful yet more .
No second thought , no pirated downloads ,no waiting for world tv premiere just walk in to the cinemas and watch it this weekend :) sure to blow ur mind heart with soo much of energy and patriotism ... A double YO! GURANTEE .... every INDIAN SHOULD AND MUST WATCH  THIS FILM ....  For reviews visit http://yoreviews.blogspot.in

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