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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Love Exchange

Love Exchange
My take is below average 2 Star
Focusing on values and emotions is a strong message hidden in the film which is offcourse delivered in vibes at the climax of the movie but casually silly screen play & execution makes it not a worth watch at theatres , Perfomances are not that impressive which further adds up as a reason for the failure of this film . The theme was a bit of something new but finally made up to be damn typical .


The story is about 2 youngsters who apparently fall in love in the verge of office fights , love just happens in an instant  and they decide to marry each other & thats when they inform their family members but now the challange here comes out is summed up in this dialouge " Marriage is not a relation between 2 hearts its a relation between 2 families" Now being that both families do not match in terms of caste and standard , thats when their smart dads plan a whole game to seperate them without any mellow drama , they mutually plan idea where the girl is asked to stay at boys house & vice versa & they expect things to strongly wrong and get an realization that the families do not match in terms of thinking and standard but their plan fails , both feel extremely comfortable and gel up with each others family , now the boys dad plays a master stroke to seperate the boy & the girl , So whats that ? and how is it executed? does it work out? or the girl & boys relationship stands out. for all this watch this movie @ the nearest cinema halls.


Not up to the mark perfomance especially by the lead roles , apart from this the senior actors who have played the role of parents have been quite good at their roles .


Its not a worth watch at theatres , stil if you are finding reasons to watch this i would say is a message that this film delivers about love . I dont recommend this to be watched at the cinema halls as it would dissappoint you with a lot of silly moments which wont convince you anyway.

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