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Monday, 9 November 2015



Quick take is a cinematic 4 Star Rating
Though this film dosent have a huge hype it keeps up the cinematic feel & perfect narrative which takes you on a RAW ride of life without any extra added masala or commercial pinch , it just drives on naturally as natural as a normal life portrayed normally. No doubt it has won international awards :)


The screenplay just gives you a perfect movie experience to the fullest of rawness without any faked out or flaunting narrative , the story & plot goes about concentrating well on the story & narrative without over dragging or extra exaggerating mellow drama . The story is about 2 young lifes one is trying to get out of a almost captive life which he is leading at home with his brothers forcing him to be part of every illegal thing they do & he dosent have space for his dreams to be fulfilled on the other hand is a girl who is married off to this guy , and she is also in a dyfunctional relationship which she feels to be perfect for her and tried to get out of this life that her parents have forced on her . Finally both of them plan out a perfect workaround to lead their life as per their wish . Do they succeed? what happens to their family ? And many other questions like this will be answered when you watch this film in the nearest cinema halls.


Shashank aroroa who has played the role of titli has been outstanding & he just proved it with his amazing and natural acting skills , coming to the actress shivani who has played the role of neelu has been also fab with her perfomance with a lot of innocence and perfection .


This movie is a Yo! Gurantee watch , if you are finding for film with a lot of made out comedy , masala and over dosed action then this one wont entertain you , but if you are looking for a content based movie which gives you a perfect cinematic feel then this one is a feast to your eyes, this movie has won international awards & there is no doubt it just is amazing .

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