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Friday, 27 November 2015


A Unique & Touching 3.7 Star
Welcome to the ultimate faceoff with life :), the Tamaasha of life , a unique story which is close to reality of our lives (y) , it has every element of a classy movie which delivers smiles, Solid Perfomances and emotion:)  , what puts down ratings is a glitchy editing which at points dosent convince in relating few parts or scenes in the movie :( . RANBIR KAPOOR back in his acting mode alongside DEEPIKA who as always is gorgeous as well as convincing completely with her character :)


Unlike the usual commercial & typical flicks this movie has something to deliver , something to portray in its own unique way called TAMAASHA :P , and it provens 100% rightly matching to the reality infact most of you will be able to relate to your lives as well . The screenPlay is smooth going and delivers you smiles :) , laughter emotion and a lessoon to learn from ;) . The story is about life of common man who dreams for big but finally ends up shrinking those dreams with a couple of compromising deals for well being same way ranbir kapoor who plays veed in this movie is a aspiring story teller but situations make him go in a ,line which he is not happy with :( , he is ruled by constraints laid by his boss , organisation but he opens up on a holiday in his real self  where he meets this crazy girl tara played by deepika they both share hilariously crazy friendship :P , they open up to be as wierd as possible and more over they be theirselves but after the holiday they decide to never meet again and they continue with their lives , Veed returns back to his routine boring life where is completely a different person who is within his barriers , well behaved and formal , Tara happens to meet him and she expresses her love for him but no sooner she realizes that the veed she meet as a DON (RolePlayed) on the vaccation is completely different from the current veed who is a formal boring product manager , she turns down his proposal for marriage :O ,which hurts Veed to the core. What happens next :O ? does deepika accept him as he is ? does ranbir tranform back to his actual avatar ? does thie love story end ? All these questions will shoot with answers when you watch this film in the nearest cinema halls :D


I should say after a very long break RANBIR KAPOOR returns back to perfomance oriented role delivering a solid to super solid perfomance (y) all throughout the film , Deepika as usual has been great , gorgeous and expresive :) ;)


A Worth watch @ Thetares , but please note if you are looking for commercial stuff :O  then you wont be convinced because this film is more of classy story telling which has some message or some reality to focus on . ANd believe me it will touch you some way as its very near to reality (y) . For all my reviews visit http://yoreviews.blogspot.in

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