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Thursday, 12 November 2015


Strictly A ONETIME WATCH 3 STAR 🌟🌟🌟, An AVERAGE going family drama which gets u a nostalgic feel of 90s film a perfect family film :P .PRDP gets u celebrate Diwali Sai leke bhai dooj takk all in the movie :P what DISAPPOINTS is the songs that pop up every 20 mins which is irritating and doesn't impress. The sets are magnificent and grand and every character is crafted to be GLORIFIED AND ROYAL <3 CLIMAX Is just heart touching and sweet <3  Surely a visual treat for salman fans  we see Salman in double role. Watch it for Salman khan :P
The story takes u on a tour of a dysfunctional royal family and screen play plot and transit gets you back in memories of films in the 90s :D where family , emotion ,  relation and mellow drama are centre part of the film.  The screenplay goes smooth but there a lot of silly moments that wont appeal to the cinematic feel but overall it convinces you when it comes to culture :) , tradition and emotions that are maintained all around in the movie 🎬 . The story is about  a royal family and a royal king ie Salman and the problems in their family related to property and every other selfish need and in this greed Salman's brother attempts to murder and Salman goes in extreme injury and is kept on medication and at this point the escape sequence which us portrayed is super awesome (y) . Meanwhile when king Salman khan is being treated undercover for security reasons enters dilwala Prem who takes the kings place just as an act for few days in order to make the enemies feel  that the king is safe so that the actual king is not attacked :-o and now makes an entry with full charm and sweetness her highness the rajkumari <3 who is supposed to marry the king now Prem dilwala takes care of her fulfils her every wish 🌠  and slowly she falls in love with Prem dilwala but is not aware that he is not the real king on the family front Prem dilwala with all love sets everything right in the family and now a last task remains pending ie getting the real king and returning the rajkumari to the real king 👑 . So what happens ? Does he succeed? What about the lkve story between Prem dilwala and rajkumari? Are all the questions that will crack out of the pot when you watch the movie @ ur nearest cinema halls :P
The ensemble cast has done a hilarious job starting with Anupam Kher specially and then moving forward Salman khan has been extra innocuent  bhola and naturally funny with his avatar as Prem :P and as a king he has been just normal ;) . Coming to the sweet and cute sonam Kapoor has been impressive with her acting though not outstanding but has been definetly convincing . :)
The background score has played a vital role at few places like the climax where it gets an extra added feel to the scenes with its amazing music but at most of the points the popping up of songs every 20 mins dissappoints and irriattes you to the core :/
Its not too good not tooo bad its definetly a one time watch :D and perfect family film with lot of mellow drama , emotion attached with it . watch it  for the grand sets , watch it for the tradition culture and emotion that it holds <3

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