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Monday, 9 November 2015

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein

Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein
Quick take not more than 1 Star Rating
As one of the dialouge goes in the movie "POORI PICTURE DEKH LI ...PUR KAHANI SAMAJ NAHI AAYI" the same goes with the film as well , poorly written dialouges , poorly executed plot which leaves you confused and delivers absolutely no thrill , a complete messed up story which could have been better if cooked up well .A Movie to skip .


The story of the movie was written with a motive to provide thrill &suspense to the audience and it fulfills it upto a certain mark but then it pathetically fails to delivery any of these because of its completely messed up plot & screenplay , poor execution and uneven twists which pop out over & again and create a state of complete dilemma . The story is about a group of friends who go around , hangout & enjoy & on the other end is a drug deal that is going to be executed in which a father & son are involved opposite each other so now to capture the entire drug market and be the ultimate king both father and son play a game , father kills his own son with a help of few gangsters who plan a perfect move and plan a drama so as to prove that those 4 guys were the murderers and now to turn the case of murder into a no case at all they target these 4 guys and blackmail them  & ask them to do whatever they say , now the film revolves all around showing us a few scenes which are later proved to as never happened or fake & finally we see these 4 guys dead & the whole footage of their drug deal , accident , death are captured in the camera which serves as investigating proff for the police ? Now who is the master mind behind this ? is he caught? Were the 4 guys actualy involved in the drug deal ? are all the questoons which will shoot out with answers when you watch this movie.


Nasirudin shah has been great with his acting , dialouge delivery & his screen presence makes it worth , rest on part the ensemble cast has not done that great job


If you do not want to mess around in confusion skip watching this movie as this movie has absolutely nothing to offer you in terms of content or any part of the film to refer to . A Movie to be skipped .

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