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Friday, 2 October 2015


3 Star Rating for this blinged up version of SINGH IS KING, a masala flick like every typical no-brainer PRABUDHEVA movie, ITS DEFINETLY A ONE TIME WATCH for timepass, the film has every masala element starting from HALLA GULLAS,Overdosed comedy & Action , emotion & a few extremely funny moments to take along . Added top up for the film i should say is AKKI and the very gorgeous and Bold AMY JACKSON . Watch it to bloom ur mood with some laughter this weekend but before u watch make sure you keep ur brains off work to enjoy this brainless masala flick. Keeps up the masala factor those who love prabhudeva movie will love this a lot as it keeps up The Prabhudeva Legacy .

The story is again as i have said a blinged up version of SINGH IS KING where we get to see the power of a SINGH, HEART of a SINGH and a story & a plot which finally comes in favour of the SINGH . The Film dosent entertain you all throught as there are some overdosed comedy as well which will leave you with absolutely no smile & at the same time a few sequences which will make you laugh to the core and enjoy the film , the second half goes better as the real plot comes into action and some thing that makes sense of . The climax gets some emotion , action and punches delivering you a masaledar ending .  The story is about a punjabi guy RAFTAAR SINGH who is happy go lucky and is seen dancing and wandering all the time , he is coined as  AAWARA LADKA by his father and after a series of taunts and failures he is asked to move out of the house and join for a new job @ Goa and thats where he meets this girl SARA played by emy jackson , he is given the responsibility of taking care of her as a gangster named MARK is in search of her @ ROMANIA , Spark of humour pop up when the girl SARA who knows only english coveys her talk through the translator EMILY played by LARA DUTTA , SARA is @ goa in search of her mom  ,In this verge as the days pass by SARA & Raftaar bump on to a local ganster and there we see amy jackson in her bold avatar with her perfect fight sequences and the twist makes a turn when we get to know that the ganser from GOA is actually in contact with MARK . What happens next ? Does SARA findher Mother ?  DOes Mark get to know that the girl he has been searching for is at goa ? What happens top Raftaar & Saras l;ove story ? To know all this watch SINGH IS BLINGH @ your nearest cinema halls this weekend


AKKI has been great when it comes to humour and specially as a SINGH he is just perfect playing it , but unlike his other movies he didnt have much in this film except a few comedy sequences and action is atleast a vew few . Coming to AMY jackson she has been gorgeous with the Indian avatar in saree , she has been cute and at the same time BOLD with her commendable stunt & action sequences , Coming to Lara Dutta impressive comic time and finally KK menon has been transformed in his looks as well as perfomance he has done his job to the par .


Definetly a ONE TIME WATCH , those who have been loving PRABHUDEVA movies like rowdy rathore , R RAJKUMAR etc will surely love this movie as this movie has kept up the PRABHUDEVA Legacy. Its a masala entertainer , watch it for time pass , watch it for Akshay kumar and a few comedy sequences , watch it for the action sequences perfectly played by AMY jackson .

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