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Thursday, 22 October 2015


Nothing more than a hype my take 2 󾭩󾭩.7 star
One time watch :)
The characters in the film and exotic & shandaar sets win stars for the film ie Except for Sweet chemistry <3 between alia & shahid Extravagant ,vivid, amazing and shandaar sets,and a few genuinely funny comic sequences the film doesn't keep upto its hype, the plot and story is dull and the climax is all messed up . :-o Shahid Kapoor is outstanding the father son duo ie shahid and pankaj is been  great :P And at a point this film is a positive inspiration for gals with a moral to live their life large as per their wishes and not as per some1 elses convinience (y)

The screenplay shandaar as the sets , :D shooting locations are magnificent and coming to  cinematic feel the story transits smooth flaunting around the characters of the film and it entertains you with its naturally funny characters :P and sequences . The story is about a family which and the head of the family treats every relation as a business deal and in between this revolves the story of shahid who is jagjinder joginder a wedding planner who comes to this house for wedding arrangements and there he meets this crazy insomniac gal alia :P , their chemistry cooks up well as they meet each other and get close and with their closeness comes a dream true of alias father who always hopes that alia comes out of this insomniacness and feels happy to see alia and jg together  and finally what happens to the business deal ie alias sisters wedding . Does the business deal win over relation and feelings? Does alias and shahids love story take an twist or they go smooth ? Are all the questions tat will shoot out amazingly with answers when u  watch this movie :D


Shahid and alias chemistry is outstanding and amazing (y)  they look so sweet together , they both have completely convinced you with their character and I have no words to express It in an extra large way as the film wins stars only because of the characters ,coming to shahids father pankaj he has also been awesome and the father son duo is hilarious :) Karan johars special appearance is naturally entertaining he gets in a charm with his presence.  :P

Its an one time  watch but not upto the hype it was showing off , the buzz goes off with its disappointing story :( and few over dramatic scenes . Watch it for alia and shahid watch it for its exotic and shandaar sets . :P

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