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Friday, 9 October 2015


Breathtaking 4.3 star 🌟 🌟🌟.3
The BACCHAN BAHU is back in action ..Get ready to experience the combo of action,thriller and emotion with unpredictable plot , suspense , a thrilling narrative and perfect screenplay revolving around d story are the actors who have done more than just justice to their roles . This film has nothing un necessary clubbed in , HEART winning climax . SPECTACULAR PERFOMANCES .
The story is very well written and the screen play makes it even more better with its punching and smooth screenplay which cinematically convinces you and appeals to a perfect movie feeel . The story is about a very smart laywer played by Aishwarya and alongside is a suspended cop played by irfan khan , one fine day aishwaryas daughter is kidnapped and the ransom asked for is not money but its to win a trail which is for a man for allegedly raped a girl  and brutally murdered her , the suspense makes rounds till the end of the movie so as to know who is the kidnapper and why does he want a criminal to be saved , asihwarya fights thr case knowing that its wrong but her priority lies with her life and that's her daughter and that's why she agrees to fight the case and win it and the suspended cop helps her in all the possible wants as he wants aishwarya to be happy for a reason that he is being loving her ever since the college days and still does love her . The case takes on many twists specially when we get an angle of Jacky shroff and his son get into the frame and finally at the climax we will me amazed at the ongoing trial and its outcome and the pot if curosity breaks out when we get to know the master mind behind this whole game and finally the director has concluded out flashing lights on rape cases in India and how the justice is either delayed or the cases never reach to the court   . Now finally Does the rapist get punished ? Or he is released ? What is the whole game alll about ? Are the curious questions which will break out of the box when you watch this movie in the neared cinema halls
I should say its the best if aishwarya rai bacchan and irffan khan , a complete natural and convincing acting done by both , their presence makes it more than a worth watch at theaters' , they have been outstanding . Apart from them Jacky shroff and the other actors have done justice to their roles .
Don't miss this movie , get in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this movie its a poora paisa vasool movie , a YO! gurantee watch . Watch it for the thrlling performances , plot and suspense . Watch it for it is one of the  movies where story and plot have a prime Focus .

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